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  • 1

    At the end of every day the truth of who we are brings us the bill to pay for every word we said and every action we did during it. When we pay it in full, we see dreams at night and when we don’t, we see nightmares.

  • 2

    Why be like lions living the life of cockroaches? We fail because the demands of greatness are huge and of failure, none. We are sad because the demands of happiness are great and of misery, none.

  • 3

    Thankfully, there will never be a shortage of people who want to build a world where a smile defeats a swearword, where the truth of a “yes” defeats the hypocrisy and dishonesty of a “maybe”, and where the compassion out of which a caress is woven defeats the hypocrisy the most frightened parts of our worst-selves keep producing.

  • 4

    I will live by doing my best to be as honest as my soul, because every time I stood to be as real as my truth, as emotionally solid as my soul and as pure as my beliefs, I realised what it meant to be so in love with your life, and so proud of who you are, that you don’t want to be anyone else, no matter how much more powerful, attractive and victorious you could become

  • 5

    Beauty is born to defeat the sadness that ugliness produces.

  • 6

    Life is the celebration of beauty, but even more so, the celebration of an ugliness that was never born because it was explained. Every time we manage to explain to ourselves what makes us feel ugly, a celebration of beauty begins.

  • 7

    The more we love, the less we fear. When we’re not afraid to love, we fear nothing.

  • 8

    Liars have all it takes to be sad because, by fearing the truth, they end up fearing their own soul that produces it.

  • 9

    To protect ourselves from what we shouldn’t know, we live by learning a lot and forgetting even more.

  • 10

    We live surrendering our happiness to the unknown. To protect our delusions from the truth, and our ego from its next rendezvous with defeat, we continuously get better at producing the unknown by forgetting what we know, or not realising what we’ve learned, instead of demolishing it by learning it.

  • 11

    We've made ignorance our favourite excuse for not living.

  • 12

    Nobody becomes happy accidentally. Happy are the people who don’t believe in their sadness.

  • 13

    We either create happiness out of truth, or sadness out of lies.

  • 14

    True people deserve the beauty of their soul and fake people - the ugliness of their sadness.

  • 15

    Our happiness is the cost of lying to ourselves and our loneliness - the cost of lying to others.

  • 16

    When we lie to ourselves, we invite other people to lie to us.

  • 17

    The huge, indecipherable cost of lying to ourselves is that we end up attracting those people we should keep away.

  • 18

    Every moment we live we either tell ourselves the truth and become as real as we need to be happy, or tell ourselves lies and become as fake as we need to be miserable.

  • 19

    Since happiness often has more truth in it that we can bear, we often choose, by not choosing, to be sad.

  • 20

    There is no lie that ultimately won’t cost more than the truth it was born to hide.

  • 21

    Life loves to remind us what we try the hardest to forget.

  • 22

    Life is a vast plain which, in seconds, can transform itself into an excruciatingly small cell.

  • 23

    The faster we run to escape the person we are, the harder we stumble on it.

  • 24

    Our sadness is the truth we never told ourselves.

  • 25

    We become as fake as we need to be to feel unhappy.

  • 26

    Life often likes to become an impossible choice between success and happiness which most often is won by the people who choose to defend their beliefs from the attacks of the next applause.

  • 27

    Silence is the hideout we use when we don’t know how else to avoid realising how much more truthful than us our words can be.

  • 28

    When we stop lying, we will become as strong as our truth.

  • 29

    We have more power than we know, as long as we can bear to live with the part of our truth it is made from.

  • 30

    We often lose after we win because truth creates power, and power creates victories that hate truth. Following a victory, winners are willing to believe the lies that people around them tell them more than the truth they hear from within for as long as they need to become as weak as necessary to lose.

  • 31

    Truth is the only thing in the world that humans will never defeat.

  • 32

    Since liars are afraid of the truth, they are afraid of their most truthful part, their soul as much as necessary to avoid feeling and become dispassionate enough to become miserable.

  • 33

    Our soul is our greatest source of strength, if only we stopped fearing her just because we’ve left her unknown.

  • 34

    Fake escapes lead to brand new prison cells and real ones to old freedoms. People who escape reality fall hard onto those weaknesses of theirs which imprisoned them in it.

  • 35

    The life of sad people is a permanent escape from the truth they don’t want to learn.

  • 36

    Wise are the people who realise the value of their every breath, even if they don’t realise anything else.

  • 37

    The hidden cost of greed is that, while waiting for the extraordinary, we miss the opportunity to enjoy the ordinary.

  • 38

    Every moment we refuse to live, we are rehearsing for our death.

  • 39

    We only deserve to enjoy those moments of our lives we respect.

  • 40

    We have one life to live, one life to enjoy, one life to create, and one life to fall in love with.

  • 41

    We belong to every breath of ours. We belong to every breath of ours more than they belongs to us.

  • 42

    Happiness is to live by constantly throwing in the garbage the person that the people around you want you to be and become who you really are.

  • 43

    We waste a large part of our lives trying to avoid discovering how incompetent we are at enjoying it.

  • 44

    The best way to relieve the pain of defeat is to become as good as we need to win.

  • 45

    Life doesn’t come with a manual. We have to write it ourselves, one mistake at a time.

  • 46

    It’s easier to go around the world than around our souls.

  • 47

    As long as we don’t learn our weaknesses, we will be the faithful employees of our sadness.

  • 48

    Knowledge is the defeat of the unknown and self-knowledge, the defeat of sadness.

  • 49

    The most beautiful calmness is born when fear gets explained.

  • 50

    People who hate the reality they live in, because it has more truth in it than they would like, tell lies to escape from it and often end up becoming as fake as they need to feel unsuccessful and sad.

  • 51

  • 52

    Life has two choices and countless excuses.

  • 53

    Life hates draws as much as we love them. There are no draws in life, other than the ones our lies invent.

  • 54

    We feel happy when we deserve our happiness.

  • 55

    Sweat + security + truth = happiness.

  • 56

    Victory by explanation. Strength is the explanation of weakness. Happiness is the explanation of sadness.

  • 57

    We live at the mercy of everything we leave unexplained.

  • 58

    As long as we choose not to learn our weaknesses, we will never discover all we can accomplish with our strengths.

  • 59

    Every time we tell the truth to ourselves, we honor the person we have the ability to be and every time we lie to ourselves we spit in their face.

  • 60

    Winners and happy people discover their strengths before their weaknesses discover them. The rest are doomed to keep on hunting and getting hunted.

  • 61

    We need most what we most lack.

  • 62

    The banner of any great battle is woven from those questions we never dared to ask our cowardice.

  • 63

    The last rebel in the world needs to revolt first.

  • 64

    Happiness is the revolution against ugliness.

  • 65

    How useful are my strengths if I don't use them to defeat my weaknesses?

  • 66

    As long as I live not facing my weaknesses but playing hide and seek with them, I will be too afraid to feel proud of who I am, too careful to feel free, and too cowardly to be happy.

  • 67

    Every moment I choose to defend my happiness from the attacks of my weaknesses and those of the people around me, I feel so proud of who I am that I feel I’m touching the meaning of my life.

  • 68

    Our worst enemies are the ones we manufacture ourselves.

  • 69

    Fight the problem you face, not yourself.

  • 70

    Weak are those who avoid realizing their weaknesses.

  • 71

    A battle can be won in thousands of different ways, but lost only by a handful, each one made or magnified by our weaknesses.

  • 72

    The most eternal defeat of humanity is that after thousands of years, we have managed to defeat everyone and everything, except for our weaknesses.

  • 73

    For thousands of years, by lying to ourselves, we’ve hidden our weaknesses, and became so complex that we've ended up unhappy. Perhaps if we do the opposite, if we tell the truth to ourselves and try to learn our weaknesses, we might be able to simplify our lives as much as we need to become happy.

  • 74

    The most important battle of our lives is not to surrender the world we live in to the sadness our weaknesses produce and not to let the world’s weaknesses become our sadness.

  • 75

    The invisible battle that shapes the world more than any other, at any moment, is the battle against our weaknesses. Since it is easier to lose a battle than to win it, we end up losing the battle with our weaknesses much more often than we win it. Thus, we end up filling the world with the pain and misery that this defeat causes us instead of enjoyment and happiness that a victory over them would bring.

  • 76

    Happiness is a soul’s laughter. The most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of a person’s laughter who, having managed to disarm those weaknesses of theirs that produce their ugliness, found a way to feel beautiful.

  • 77

    The hidden cost of education is that, by deifying logic for all the victories it can give us, we often become too logical to be happy.

  • 78

    Let’s live dancing with the bluest part of the sky instead of crying on the shoulders of the deepest spot of the abyss.

  • 79

    Let’s live by translating our soul’s beauty into happiness and not turning her ugliness into the pain and misery of the people around us.

  • 80

    If I want to be happy, I will have to allow myself to become more vulnerable than safe.

  • 81

    People who are afraid haven’t been anywhere, no matter how many places they’ve visited.

  • 82

    Let’s respect our happiness enough
 to stop donating it to our problems.
People who live by throwing smiles into the darkness betray their optimism
enough to lose access to their own light.

  • 83

    To rebel against our weaknesses 
is the most important decision of our life.

  • 84

    We will enjoy our life
when we realize the uniqueness of its every moment.

  • 85

    We choose not to realize the uniqueness of every moment of our lives so as not to feel bad about failure to live it.

  • 86

    We are a society that,
by producing a lot more lies than it can consume lives closer to the next teardrop than the next smile.

  • 87

    Afraid are the people who can’t love. 
As long as I love someone, I fear nobody.
I will live by fearing nothing,
not because I’m brave,
but because, by letting my soul free to love everything, I won’t feel the need to hate anyone.

  • 88

    Happiness will go where truth already is.

  • 89

    Seeing the ugliness, whatever form it takes - malice, misery, aggression, negativity - constantly defeating the happiness of the people around me and seeing how much useless misery is born in the world and how much useful happiness is wasted, I grabbed in my hand the most eager "why" I could find and started writing, in the chance that I can defeat ugliness by explaining it. I wanted to understand how we've become so good at being sad, how we've become so good at not only at abandoning the beauty of our soul but asking its ugliness to show the world around us who we are. Every time I struggled with the question of who gives birth to my misery, I stumbled upon my own weaknesses. By writing for others, I learned myself. Nothing is accidental, not even anything that seems to happen by accident. It is no coincidence that there is so much sadness in the world. It exists because, by choosing to do what is easy and not what is right, we don't try to learn our weaknesses as well as we should to prevent them from producing misery or magnifying the misery someone else's weaknesses have produced. The more I wrote, the more I realized the value of the truth we should tell ourselves in achieving our happiness. Maybe it's time to say no to the lies we tell ourselves and finally tell the truth. This way, we will build self-knowledge, become as self-sufficient as we need to disarm our weaknesses and become happy. Every time we tell the truth to ourselves, we create self-knowledge and every time we lie, we tear it down. We all want to be happy, but we aren’t willing to do everything needed to deserve our happiness. Happiness is the disarming of misery. How can we feel happy though, when we aren't willing to defend our happiness from the onslaught of the ugliness of the world around us? How do we want to live a happy life when we fill it with ugliness? That's what we need to change. CALILO. Create a life you can fall in love with. However, the more we praise change, the more we remain the same, because we know that change often has more truth in it than we can bear. That's why we love to hide in the routine so much. Life doesn't come with an instruction book. We have to write it ourselves, one mistake at a time. Self-knowledge is the mother of happiness. When we get to know ourselves, we will feel as strong as we need to be to disarm our weaknesses and therefore be able to create beauty by neutralizing the ugliness within us and the ugliness around us. In this way, we will be able to change our lives for the better. When we learn ourselves well enough to disarm our weaknesses, we will allow our strengths to make us as successful and happy as they can. We will therefore create a life that has as little ugliness as possible, a life that has so much beauty that we will want to fall in love with. Let's tell ourselves the truth in order to drive away the ugliness we have been producing for so many years with our lies. The lies we tell ourselves create ugliness, which in turn, leads to misery. On the contrary, truth creates beauty that leads to happiness. We all have beauty in our souls, as long as we aren't afraid of the truth from which it is made. Let's live by translating the beauty of our soul into happiness, and not by translating its ugliness into the pain and misery of the people around us. We will then be able to create a world that is as real as it needs to be to feel so beautiful that it overflows with happiness.

  • 90

    Black clouds have an equal right to the sky as its blue does.

  • 91

    Fall asleep every night having fought everything that wants to make you mean as hard as you can,
while hugging as tightly as you can
everything that wants to make you as compassionate as you need to be happy.

  • 92

    Be moderate to survive and extreme to enjoy.

  • 93

    Life is not a rehearsal, it’s the one and only show.

  • 94

    Every four seconds our body produces, out of our lungs, the greatest little gift one can give us:
the most incredible yet common miracle in the world, our whole life wrapped in a breath!

  • 95

    Since happiness is our most valuable acquired good, then the factor that deprives us of it - our weaknesses - is the one adversary in the world that we must defeat before we can even begin to fight anyone else.

  • 96

    Life often likes to become an impossible choice
between success and happiness.
Life often likes to become an impossible choice
between any victory and the greatest victory of all - happiness.

  • 97

    Castles fall from within.
No one can defeat us
if we are not weak enough to lose.
No one can make us sad
if we are not weak enough to feel miserable.

  • 98

    If success and happiness were free,
then all the people in the world
would be extremely successful and deliriously happy and failure and sadness
would have long disappeared
from the face of the earth.
There is no free success and happiness.
We have to give sweat, security and truth
to deserve to be successful and happy.

  • 99

    Start your souls! Start your souls and throw away the key so you will never turn them off again.

  • 100

    If success and happiness were free, then all the people in the world would be extremely successful and deliriously happy while failure and sadness would have long disappeared from the face of the earth. There is no free success and happiness. We have to give sweat, security and truth to deserve to be successful and happy.

  • 101

    Let us live producing beauty or celebrating the beauty others have produced.

  • 102

    Every moment we enjoy life, we defeat the ugliness our weaknesses produce, without even having to fight them.

  • 103

    When logic hits the brakes, pleasure accelerates.

  • 104

    The most beautiful moments of our life are those when we feel so content and proud of the truth of who we are, that we no longer feel the slightest need to lie to ourselves.

  • 105

    Life is the art of managing the negative. Happiness is the proper management of misery. Victory is the proper management of defeat. Beauty is the proper management of ugliness. Strength is the proper management of weakness. Right is the proper management of wrong.

  • 106

    The only way to make sure our life is filled to the brim is to overflow it.

  • 107

    It’s often more profitable to become someone else, if you don’t mind the misery that comes from deserting who you are.

  • 108

    Celebrate happiness and explain sadness. To enjoy life, let’s celebrate beauty by showering the people around us with our happiness and disarm ugliness by explaining our sadness to ourselves, until we’re not sad anymore. Let’s live by trying hard to celebrate our strengths and even harder to get to know our weaknesses as well as needed to disarm them. Let’s live by trying hard to celebrate what gives birth to our happiness and even harder to find out which weaknesses of ours produce or magnify our sadness, so we can make the next emotion our soul give birth to a benevolent expression of our beauty and not a vindictive proof of our ugliness.

  • 109

    We will defeat sadness, one explanation at a time. Every moment we manage to explain to ourselves the real reason why we are sad, we disarm another part of our sadness.

  • 110

    We’ll enjoy life when we celebrate as much as we can everything that wants to make it beautiful and disable as quickly as we can everything that wants to make it ugly.

  • 111

    We are only worthy of our dreams we give birth to as reality.

  • 112

    We live at the mercy of everything we leave unexplained.

  • 113

    Not only we will we not find our happiness in the misery we cause to those closest to us, but in it we will discover an even larger part of our own sadness. Often, it is a part of our own sadness which we never even knew existed.

  • 114

    Victory by explanation. Strength is the explanation of weakness. Happiness is the explanation of sadness.

  • 115

    The sky’s blue is made out of every cloud we refused to throw in it.

  • 116

    As long as we are not proud of ourselves enough to like who we are, we become our own Trojan horse that will open the gate for our opponents to invade us and shame us.

  • 117

    Either we say the truth or we lie and get hunted by the truth we refuse to say.

  • 118

    We lie to convince ourselves that we are already the person we will never succeed in becoming.

  • 119

    Being prisoners of our lies, we became the prison guards of our truth.

  • 120

    Truth is the ultimate beauty, no matter how ugly it seems to be.

  • 121

    Since truth loves black or white, happiness hates any version of gray which our lies invent.

  • 122

    With every truth we say to ourselves we defeat our sadness, and with every lie we help our sadness defeat us.

  • 123

    Truth is the most exquisite beauty. Truth is the most exquisite l beauty because it is born to defeat the ugliness in which our lies have drowned the world.

  • 124

    Genuine people use their truth to become happier, while fake ones are used by their lies to make themselves so artificial, they can’t be anything but miserable.

  • 125

    How can there not be so much sadness in the world when we trust our lies more than we trust our truth?

  • 126

    People who refuse to defend the truth of who they are, become as fake as needed to deserve their misery.

  • 127

    We stumble onto what we avoid. The more vague we try to be, the more life likes to force us to decide, define and explain who we are.

  • 128

    If we don’t know who we are, we will find it under the lies we’ve told ourselves to hide it. That's why the lies we tell ourselves know better than anyone the truth about who we are.

  • 129

    Let us stop making excuses that we can’t find out who we are. We will find out who we are, when we begin telling ourselves the truth so we can uncover all the lies we’ve been telling ourselves for years, under which we’ve hidden it. The truth of who we are is all we hide under the lies we tell ourselves.

  • 130

    After years of lying to ourselves, we have become so fake and artificial that we've ended up knowing ourselves as little as needed to feel miserable.

  • 131

    Extreme self–confidence breeds either gigantic triumphs or shocking disasters, but nothing in between.

  • 132

    In our quest to look charming, we often become as fake as it takes to feel ugly.

  • 133

    We love doing the same thing because everything we do for the first time has the answer to every question we don’t dare ask ourselves.

  • 134

    We love routine because we hate those surprises that insist on teaching us the truth of how incompetent we are to deal with change.

  • 135

    No matter how much we praise strength, we avoid becoming strong to avoid doing anything that might push us toward our weaknesses.

  • 136

    Let us stop being afraid to celebrate our joy just to avoid waking up the misery of the people around us.

  • 137

    How can we be happy when we have turned our truth, the most loyal ally we have in the battle against our misery, into our greatest enemy?

  • 138

    We become the opposite of what we glorify.

  • 139

    We are the victims of our comfort. As long as we choose to do what is easy rather than what is right, we become victims of our comfort by making our life temporarily easy and eternally difficult.

  • 140

    Ease is the enemy of greatness. Ease is the enemy of happiness.

  • 141

    We choose to do what is easy to avoid facing our weaknesses, which doing what is right will almost always force us to confront.

  • 142

    People who choose the ease of lies over the discomfort of truth, make their life as fake as it needs to become difficult.

  • 143

    Happiness is born to break the barriers invented by sadness.

  • 144

    Miserable people hate happy ones even more than they hate their own misery.

  • 145

    Let's discover the blue of the sky before its gray discovers us. Let's learn our the truth about ourselves before our lies make us forget who we are. Let's conquer the peak before the abyss conquers us.

  • 146

    As long as we refuse to discover the real reason we are sad, we will be the defenders of our sadness.

  • 147

    Happy are the people who have reached a point in their lives where they don’t feel the slightest need to lie to themselves.

  • 148

    The heaviest burden in the world to carry are the five triumphs of our weaknesses: the lies, mistakes, defeats, the shame of who we are, and the misery we allow them to produce on our behalf.

  • 149

    If happiness had rules, it would be miserable.

  • 150

    Happiness is the only fortune that is so valuable, it cannot be measured.

  • 151

    The most beautiful happiness is one born to break the limits imposed on it by the sadness of the people around.

  • 152

    Our addiction to lies makes us dumber than our sadness.

  • 153

    Smiles are born to help the tears find reasons to be happy.

  • 154

    Let us be more careful with every word we say and every action we do, since we will end up living in the ugliness or the beauty we allow them to create on our behalf.

  • 155

    We will feel the emotions we create in the people around us. Have you ever seen happy people inflict pain on the people next to them? Have you ever seen sad people dishing out joy to try to make the people around them happier?

  • 156

    We will feel what we make others feel. The misery we inflict on the world around us will become our next tears, and the happiness we shower it with will become our next smiles.

  • 157

    Our body creates our age, and we create the age we feel we are. Happiness subtracts and misery adds days to our age. A happy person feels like a five–year–old kid while a miserable one feels as old as the pyramids.

  • 158

    Life is a game of chance which we will never learn how to play as long as we allow our weaknesses to change the rules every time we become good at it.

  • 159

    We become what we feel. People who enjoy their life remain young, no matter how old they may be.

  • 160

    Aging makes access to sadness easier because the older we get the better we become at using darkness to hide than using light to discover.

  • 161

    We don’t age, we just keep getting older. As long as we write more than we erase, learn more than we forget, liberate more than we enslave, build more than we tear down, donate more than we keep for ourselves, hope more than we fear, we won’t age, we’ll just keep getting older.

  • 162

    We age by betraying our soul.

  • 163

    When we learn our weaknesses well enough to disarm them, we will stop living our life by donating to them the most precious asset we own, our time.

  • 164

    Today creates a tomorrow to live and a tomorrow to waste.

  • 165

    Happiness is the best antidote to aging.

  • 166

    Instead of living ahead of our truth, we live behind our excuses. Instead of living ahead of our truth to protect it from attacks by the reality we live in, we live behind our excuses to shield ourselves from it.

  • 167

    We either tell the truth or we tell the excuses which our lies have made for us.

  • 168

    The greatest source of misery in the world are the people who, unable to get to know their weaknesses as well as needed to disarm them, keep flooding the world with the ugliness born from the defeats they constantly suffer in the battles with them.

  • 169

    Death is the first time in someone’s life when the infinite finds a way to become zero.

  • 170

    There are no draws in life, except the ones our lies invent.

  • 171

    The world is full of so much failure and misery because the first thing we do when we lose a battle against our weaknesses is to translate this defeat into malice, anger and pain before tossing it to the people around us so it can become their sadness, hoping this way we will feel, compared to them, less miserable.

  • 172

    There is much malice in the world because it is so much easier to lose the next battle with our weaknesses and become mean than to win it and become kind.

  • 173

    Leave miserable people to their misery. Leave the mean to their meanness. There is no need to respond to the negativity that mean people throw at us because we can’t do anything to mean people which they haven’t already done to themselves.

  • 174

    The value of kindness is proven by how miserable mean people are.

  • 175

    We either become kind enough to be happy or mean enough to be sad.

  • 176

    The splendor of a person is proven by their capability to produce beauty, even when they don’t feel beautiful.

  • 177

    It is easy to be kind, generous and human when we are happy and extremely hard when we are sad. In the middle of a celebration everyone loves everyone but at the end of it they are often left alone, trying to convince their loneliness not to fight with their hatred.

  • 178

    Kindness is the most underrated beauty in the world.

  • 179

    There are people who produce happiness and share it with the world around them, some keep it imprisoned inside them because they are afraid of the truth it is made of, and yet others who steal it from their fellow human beings and become more sad than smart.

  • 180

    We create beauty every moment we defend our uniqueness by defeating that part of our character which wants to make us more normal than happy.

  • 181

    We’ll become happy when we stop becoming the conquerors of other peoples’ beauty instead of conquerors of our own ugliness.

  • 182

    We adore learning without realizing because it makes us feel clever enough not to offend our stupidity and truthful enough not to offend our lies.

  • 183

    People who live immersed in the mistakes they haven’t made yet, will make them.

  • 184

    Our future is as optimistic as we are.

  • 185

    We live balancing between our cowardice and our dreams, fighting to become the person we always wanted to be, before the person we have become drown us in their fears.

  • 186

    Contrary to us, our future never promises, but always delivers. Our future will give us what we gave it.

  • 187

    People who aren’t afraid of the future are those who are not afraid of their selves, because they know the truth of who they are.

  • 188

    People who live by both glorifying and mourning the person they will never become, throw away in the garbage the person they already are.

  • 189

    How much moderation the ten happiest moments of our life had? Not much. That is why we remember them.

  • 190

    Life is a race between too much and too little, which moderation frequently wins, but rarely enjoys.

  • 191

    The curse of reckless people is that they rarely win and the curse of cautious people is that they even more rarely allow themselves to enjoy their victories.

  • 192

    If you’re going to fall moderately in love, don’t fall in love at all. If you’re going to believe moderately in your beliefs, don’t believe at all. If you’re going to feel in moderation, don’t feel at all.

  • 193

    Never become so small just so you feel large enough.

  • 194

    The dark privilege of age is that, the older we get, the better we become at making mistakes while convincing ourselves that we’re making the right decision.

  • 195

    We weave dreams out of infinity and fears out of zero.

  • 196

    I will live a life without hating, not because I am kindhearted, but because I won’t feel the need to bring down anyone to feel superior, I won’t feel the need to take away what they own to feel I have enough, and I won’t feel the need to make anyone around me feel ugly because the world I live in has more beauty than I can enjoy.

  • 197

    The worst torturer in the world is our best self.

  • 198

    Ugly is a beauty that doesn’t make the world around it happier.

  • 199

    To win the battle against the ugliness around us, we must first believe in our own beauty.

  • 200

    We are high–wire walkers who, while trying to balance between our two beauties – what we show we are and what we actually are – do all we can to avoid falling into our only ugliness.

  • 201

    Genuine people use their truth to become happier, while fake ones are used by their lies to make themselves so complicated and artificial they can’t be anything but miserable.

  • 202

    If we hate ugliness so much, why do we use it so often?

  • 203

    There is one road that malice knows better than anyone: the road to misery.

  • 204

    There is no beauty that doesn’t reveal the ugliness around it.

  • 205

    Perhaps the mistake we make which has the largest impact on the quality of our life is that, whenever we are unable to touch our beauty, we surrender to our ugliness.

  • 206

    We are the favorite prey of our weaknesses, even if we have convinced ourselves that they only attack to hurt the people around us.

  • 207

    Don’t let the ugliness of a person close to you become your ugliness, nor let their defeats become your pain.

  • 208

    Our greatest beauty is the part of our ugliness we don’t allow to become the sadness of the people around us.

  • 209

    Beauty punishes those people who force it to make them charming rather than happy.

  • 210

    The beauty we create for the world around us will often introduce us for the first time to the part of our own character we’ve never considered beautiful.

  • 211

    There is so much more beauty around us than we see because our own ugliness does everything to prevent us from touching it so we don’t feel comparatively even uglier than we are.

  • 212

    If you want to feel pretty, become happy.

  • 213

    Let your optimism discover your courage before your pessimism discovers the part of your cowardice you claim that isn’t yours.

  • 214

    Let us stop redecorating ugliness and start beautifying it.

  • 215

    Life will allow us to discover its beauty when we stop demanding that it becomes even more beautiful.

  • 216

    Our own ugliness is often the reason we can’t enjoy the beauty around us.

  • 217

    The pain that the revelation of a truth causes is analogous to the lies we’ve used to hide it.

  • 218

    How can there not be so much misery in the world when we so often become prisoners of our ugliness instead of the liberators of our beauty?

  • 219

    We adore mediocrity more than we hate it because it’s very easy to be mediocre, much more difficult to be good and unbearably hard to be perfect.

  • 220

    Beauty is the liberation from ugliness.

  • 221

    A soul’s beauty is the world’s most frequent prisoner.

  • 222

    We are our worst sycophants. Let us stop imprisoning our happiness in our cowardice to defend what makes us feel proud of who we are.

  • 223

    A smile is born every time we discover a reason to be happy before a reason to be sad discovers us.

  • 224

    Only genuine people, people who have told themselves the truth and don’t pretend they are someone else, fit inside the person they really are. The rest constantly fight and fail, ending up living in exile from themselves.

  • 225

    I will become the truth of who I really am, and not the lies that are convenient for me, or for others, to be.

  • 226

    We rarely betray that which hurts us all the time: our weaknesses, but we so often betray that which will never abandon us: our beliefs.

  • 227

    Often the most rewarding moments of our life are those when we choose not to become our most profitable self, but the most emotionally honest one.

  • 228

    We either believe in our beliefs or in the lies we hide them with.

  • 229

    Often the longest trip in the world is to stay where we are. Often, the greatest distance in the world is to go nowhere.

  • 230

    Life is a vast plain which, in seconds, can transform itself into an excruciatingly small cell.

  • 231

    The people who succeed and are happy are those who, by stopping lying to themselves, become as real as the reality live in.

  • 232

    As long as we loathe reality because it has more truth in it than we would like, we become as fake as needed to feel unsuccessful and sad.

  • 233

    We lie to invent a reality that is as real as it must be to not bother us and as fake as it needs to be to comfort us.

  • 234

    The best way to stop feeling failed and miserable is to become good enough to win and be happy.

  • 235

    We don’t like to take risks because we know that danger, forcing us to prove how much more we believe in our beliefs than in our lies, reveals the truth of how afraid of our weaknesses we are.

  • 236

    Miserable are the people who avoid enjoying the happiness of the world around them to prevent it from showing and proving to them how comparatively sad they are.

  • 237

    Every time we compare ourselves with others, we compare ourselves against our best self.

  • 238

    Fake people feel less because they fear the truth their emotions carry in them.

  • 239

    If you don’t know who to become, be the truth you feel and not the lies you think of.

  • 240

    The beauty each of us produces belongs more to the world than to us.

  • 241

    People who let others define for them what is right and what is wrong just survive, while people who allow their own beliefs to define right and wrong feel so proud of themselves that they can’t be anything but happy.

  • 242

    As long as we choose to do what is easy instead of what is right, we will continue to fail and be miserable.

  • 243

    If the right choice were the easiest, then the world would overflow with happiness and success and no one would have to try to become better because we would all be already perfect.

  • 244

    Nobody works harder than our laziness to convince us not to try.

  • 245

    We made our laziness our preferred way to avoid discovering the truth of who we are.

  • 246

    Lazy is one who suffers more from trying than from losing.

  • 247

    Our cowardice makes a zero for us to hide in and our courage an infinity to enjoy.

  • 248

    Self–knowledge creates infinity out of the solutions to our problems and the lack of it creates a zero out of cheap excuses.

  • 249

    We often like to become the obligatory children of paradox and the voluntary parents of the self–evident.

  • 250

    We sacrifice the eternal at the altar of the temporary. As long as we sacrifice the eternal at the altar of the temporary, we will keep filling our life with temporary joy and eternal sadness.

  • 251

    The right choice is usually the opposite of the easy one, because, if the easy choice led to success and happiness, then most people on earth would be extremely successful and deliriously happy, while failure and sadness would have been eradicated from the face of the earth.

  • 252

    We will become victims of our stupidity before we become victims of our bad luck.

  • 253

    We’ve become a society of involuntary spectators of truth, who choose to rarely realize what they learn.

  • 254

    Any escape route from reality is a one way street leading to those weaknesses of ours that created it.

  • 255

    Nothing beats sadness easier than a smile we believe so much in that we allow it to show us in which part of our sorrow we have hidden every reason we have to be happy.

  • 256

    Time is the form of energy which, because we understand it less than any other, we end up wasting most of all.

  • 257

    The greatest miracles happen when our mind and our soul stop fighting each other and become one.

  • 258

    Each one of us can become a wonderful factory that generates time, as long as we overcome those weaknesses of ours that constantly try to stop us, disappoint us, make us throw in the towel and force us to quit before we make our world too beautiful for them to bear.

  • 259

    Good energy creates infinity and bad energy creates countless zeros.

  • 260

    We create time every moment of our life we respect enough not to waste.

  • 261

    We will live and enjoy only the part of our life we dare to discover.

  • 262

    We waste time by doing as few things as we can to protect ourselves from doing something that may uncover the truth of whether we are good enough to win and be happy or bad enough to lose and become sad.

  • 263

    Every hour has as many minutes as our love for life wants it to have.

  • 264

    Time is our ally, not our enemy. The more we antagonize time, the more we get defeated by it.

  • 265

    Our fake self wastes our life and our true self lives it.

  • 266

    We are obsessed about making our life longer while we do our utmost to make it shorter, by wasting such a large part of it.

  • 267

    We create the time we don’t waste. Time not wasted is time created.

  • 268

    Beauty is born to defeat the sadness that ugliness produces.

  • 269

    Life is the celebration of beauty, but even more so, the celebration of an ugliness that was never born because it was explained. Every time we manage to explain to ourselves what makes us feel ugly, a celebration of beauty begins.

  • 270

    Although we will never give the wheel of the car we are driving to another person, we too often end up giving up the wheel of our soul to people who all they want is to drive us to misery.

  • 271

    When we create a life we can fall in love with, the sadness anything negative creates will be cut in half and the happiness that anything positive creates will be doubled.

  • 272

    Love makes life easy, indifference makes it difficult, and hatred unbearable.

  • 273

    Happy are those who have created a life they love so much that they make it seem easy, even if it is not. Miserable are those who hate their lives so much that everything seems difficult, even if it is not.

  • 274

    Life is a gigantic parade of beauty that is often interrupted by many brief demonstrations of ugliness.

  • 275

    Optimism will win the battle that pessimism has lost before it even begins.

  • 276

    Let's stop living as fugitives of the truth of who we are, by embracing any part of it that make us better and happier and changing any part of it that make us worse and more miserable.

  • 277

    We wear high heels on our self-worth before we parade it to the people around us, so we can seduce them enough to dissuade them from trying to discover our real value.

  • 278

    Many of us pretend to be gods without even knowing how to be human.

  • 279

    “Why” is the most annoying word in the world because it can become the most useful.

  • 280

    We glorify whatever we don’t want to become.

  • 281

    Our life loves the duality we hate because it hates the security we adore.

  • 282

    Let's create a life that has countless opponents and not one enemy.

  • 283

    Let's live by sharing the beauty of our soul with the people around us and explaining its ugliness until it no longer makes us feel so sad that we feel the need to attack them and make them suffer as much as we do.

  • 284

    The best relationships of my life have been those where i told the truth of who i am to others by offering them, not only what makes me beautiful, but also what makes me ugly, by revealing everything and hiding nothing.

  • 285

    Relationships should achieve their symmetry, or end.

  • 286

    My life cannot become a dance floor at any given moment, however it should never become a boxing ring. People who turn their life into a boxing ring become winners who lost.

  • 287

    There are no simple relationships, because there are no simple people. Our relationships will become as complicated as our fears or as simple as our hopes.

  • 288

    I felt so loved everytime, people, without expecting any emotional gain, gave a piece of their strength to me so they could help me overcome my weaknesses, instead of trying to find their own strength in what makes me weak.

  • 289

    A relationship often turns into a fight between two people searching for a way to defend who they become when they are together, without betraying who they are when alone.

  • 290

    We might conquer the people around us by charming them with our lies, but we will never make them love us until we show them the truth of who we are.

  • 291

    We are the prisoners of our expectations.

  • 292

    Genuine people turn truth into happiness, while fake people turn it into pain.

  • 293

    People change when they can no longer afford to remain the same.

  • 294

    The truth has always ended anything I did not have the courage to finish myself.

  • 295

    Stay away from people who hold you hostage to the good they think they are doing to you.

  • 296

    First dates often become the advertisement of the people we wished we were, but cannot become.

  • 297

    Rarely does the truth go to the first date, but it always goes to the last one.

  • 298

    A first date is often filled with so many fairy tales that even the truth seems fake.

  • 299

    Life is the battle between the sad freedom of loneliness and the happy confinement of a relationship.

  • 300

    The freedom of loneliness is the saddest freedom in the world, and the occasional limitations of a good relationship are the happiest confinement.

  • 301

    It is very hard not to imprison ourselves in the arrogance that absolute freedom breeds. “Absolute” and “arrogance” are as good friends as “measured” and “humility”. It is very hard to have the freedom to become whoever we want to be, without ending up imprisoning ourselves in the arrogance this freedom breeds.

  • 302

    Since truth is the only thing which has no versions, we imprison ourselves in any version of us we create with our lies.

  • 303

    Sometimes absolute freedom hurts us more than it benefits us.

  • 304

    Absolute freedom is a glorious liberty wrapped around a grim prison cell.

  • 305

    Absolute freedom is the most invisible jail cell in the world.

  • 306

    As much as we love them, those closest to us bother us the most because we can’t use our lies with them to become anyone we we want. This is especially true for the obligatory relations—such as family— which keep us emotionally honest by not allowing us to escape from the past versions of ourselves, even with the help of our most competent lies. We can’t, using the lies we tell ourselves, constantly invent new versions of ourselves because our loved ones, people who have known us for a long time, can quickly bring us back to reality, to the truth, thus keeping us emotionally honest. Genuine people, people true to themselves and to others, build long-term relationships, which can stand the test of time and the stress of reality since they are solid and true.

  • 307

    Even the greatest liars cannot stand having the truth of who they are reveal to them that they are too fake to be happy.

  • 308

    We avoid long-term relationships so we can keep lying about who we are.

  • 309

    Meeting new people is the easiest way to escape from the truth of who we are.

  • 310

    Love is the only loss of freedom that leads to more happiness.

  • 311

    By protecting the truth of who we are from our weaknesses, people who love us make us authentic enough to be happy.

  • 312

    Lies lead to sadness because truth leads to happiness.

  • 313

    We spend our lives constantly escaping from the person we never managed to become.

  • 314

    As long as we defend our uniqueness more than we betray it, the world will be interesting enough to defeat its boredom.

  • 315

    We will live in the world we create. We are quick to turn a relationship into a confirmation of our ability to win, ignoring that it is with the loser of this battle and their sadness that we will have to live in the future.

  • 316

    Love means protecting the people I love from that part of my character which I do not know how to handle, because I have deliberately left unknown.

  • 317

    The only fan of every bad relationship I had in my life was my cowardice about ending them.

  • 318

    Happiness is often the outcome of the battle between doing what is easy and what is right, between the courage to say the truth to ourselves and the cowardice of lying.

  • 319

    Nothing sustains bad relationships more than the lies we tell ourselves to beautify them.

  • 320

    Sadness is the price we pay for defeating the truth.

  • 321

    If we are not sure whether we should continue a bad relationship, let us remember that beauty is born the moment ugliness dies.

  • 322

    Let us stop making our words the obedient dispensers of our lies and let us make them dear friends of the truth of who we truly are.

  • 323

    I always became prisoner of every freedom I took away.

  • 324

    We often destroy what are trying to save.

  • 325

    Character change is a grand detonation pretending to be microsurgery.

  • 326

    We are human distorters who like to think of ourselves as human upgraders. We distort more than we upgrade. We distort by upgrading. We distort each other just to prove that to ourselves the ability to do so. Yet, all that we establish by doing so is our inability to survive, or to work with anything and anyone who is different than us. We attack anything different because we can’t bear to be reminded of the extent to which we are prisoners of our normality. By controlling people, we invent someone who did not exist before we began to distort them. We have relationships with people who did not exist before we invented them, that is, we have relationships with non-existent people.

  • 327

    While searching for our next partner, let us remember that ideal partners do not exist because perfect people do not exist.

  • 328

    Don’t search for an ideal partner, unless you never want to find one.

  • 329

    Before we demand to have a perfect partner, let us tell ourselves the truth of whether we deserve them.

  • 330

    I will only stop inviting people to lie to me when I stop hiding from the truth of who I am.

  • 331

    People who love me never tried to change me so that I would become their perfect match, no matter how fake I ended up being, but instead helped me get so close to the truth of who I am that I could not be anything but happy. If we want to live happily with the people around us, let’s stop trying to change them by pushing them as far away from the truth of who they are they fulfill the specifications we want for them. Instead, let us help them be as authentic as needed so they can understand which parts of their truth they must change to be happy. People who don’t love those around them are just taking advantage of them because they merely want to maximize the instant comfort and immediate convenience they get out of a relationship. They are just trying to alter their partners to suit their own specifications, regardless of how unhappy the partner ends up in the process.

  • 332

    If you want to kill your relationship with someone, have them be like you. The hidden cost of dominating people is that we end up making them behave so much like us that we no longer want to be with them. Let us not make the world around us look like the world inside us, because we will quickly get bored of it. Love is allowing the people around us to be who they truly are, not who it suits us they should be. If we don’t do it, we will incur a double cost. First, the more we fill the world around us with replicas of ourselves, the less we can escape our weaknesses, and so we only exacerbate our own frustration and misery. Secondly, by filling the world around us with unhappy people, we end up living in a sad world because, by forcing people betray the truth of who they are so they can become who we want them to be, they only end up fake enough to be miserable.

  • 333

    We need our relationships with people because we don’t need larger doses of ourselves than we already have, especially our weaknesses.

  • 334

    We use our relationships as emergency exits from our weaknesses.

  • 335

    We look to find in our partner the person we are not, who usually hides in the person we can never become.

  • 336

    If someone can’t figure out from our deeds how we feel about them, and needs our words for confirmation, evidently they believe fairy tales more than true relationships.

  • 337

    If our deeds are not enough to convince our loved ones that we love them, then our words will be better employed in ending such a relationship.

  • 338

    If we want authentic relationships, let us stop choosing partners who believe fairy tales more than the truth.

  • 339

    Love is stronger than any word because it doesn’t need to speak to prove its existence.

  • 340

    Silence can become either the ultimate proof of love or the most convincing proof of indifference.

  • 341

    We love someone when we stand next to them and feel so much that we do not even have to think.

  • 342

    Love between two people exists when their silence doesn’t feel the need to hide anything.

  • 343

    In a relationship, the lies we have told ourselves stand between us as an impenetrable wall that prevents our truths from communicating.

  • 344

    We are inventions of the lies we invent. We are the genuine creations of our beliefs and the disingenuous inventions of our lies.

  • 345

    We can’t have a real relationship with a fake person. How can we feel love, how can we have real relationships with the people we want to love when, by refusing to show them our beliefs, our truth, we are essentially lying to them? How can we have a real relationship with them when, in order to appear more attractive, charming and accommodating, we tell them as many lies as it takes to invent a fake persona, a person who is very different from who we really are? We become so greedy that we demand to have real relationships with people although what we show them as our self is fake. People who lie to themselves have, whether they realize it or not, become somebody else, they’ve become strangers to themselves. They have become people who, being less real, do not feel accountable to the truth of who they are, or the reality; they do not feel they have to live according to their beliefs. People who lie to themselves have become divorced from their beliefs. How can we crave for real relationships when we ourselves have become as fake as needed to be able to elude the truth of who we really are, whenever it does not suit us?

  • 346

    As long as we don’t try to make the world around us better and happier to escape guilt about that very failure, we will be cowardly enough to deserve our mediocrity and sadness.

  • 347

    Let’s make our relationships with people the meadows of time, in which we allow our truth to flourish until it becomes beauty, and not wastelands into which we throw the sadness our weaknesses never stop producing for us.

  • 348

    People who turn their relationships into displays of their emotional biceps and shooting ranges of their weaknesses, are superb at using their power to destroy their happiness.

  • 349

    How can we seek an authentic relationship with someone when what we show them is fake?

  • 350

    We are afraid to love someone for fear of revealing how much we don’t deserve to be loved.

  • 351

    When we can’t bear to know the truth of who we are, we lie to the people around us to prevent them from discovering it, and, in this way, are forced to discover it ourselves.

  • 352

    We are afraid to love because we are afraid to discover out how incompetent we are to free ourselves from our need to hate.

  • 353

    How well I know myself determines how well I know other people.

  • 354

    People change slower than we would like and faster than we can handle.

  • 355

    Voluntary change is the privilege of successful and happy people while forced change is the curse of failed and sad people.

  • 356

    Let us stay faithful to the truth of who we are because, if we keep inventing, with the help of our lies, new versions of ourselves so we can hide in them any part of our truth we don’t like, we will change so much that we will become fake enough to feel so lost in our character that we won’t be able to find happiness.

  • 357

    Loneliness is the gold medal for arrogance.

  • 358

    Love sees everything that being in love does not even want to acknowledge exists.

  • 359

    An infatuation will become real love when we stop admiring the beauty of our partner and start helping them deal with what makes their life ugly.

  • 360

    If by showing someone the truth of who we are, not only our beauty but also our ugliness and not only our strengths but also our weaknesses, they end up rejecting us, then, not only did they never intend, but they also don’t deserve to be with us.

  • 361

    I am never going to get full love from the people around me when I show them half the truth.

  • 362

    We often choose to have fake relationships because the real ones have so much truth in them that they end up being more painful than our addiction to ease can bear.

  • 363

    Relationships fail so often because, by constantly hiding the truth of who we are, especially its ugly side — our weaknesses — we become too fake for our partner to trust us enough to love us.

  • 364

    Not knowing the truth of who we are, every new person we meet renews our license to invent with our lies afresh who we wished we were.

  • 365

    I will receive as much love from people as the truth I show them.

  • 366

    We are the specialists of losing by winning and the masters of self-injury. No other product of ours makes us suffer as much during our lifetime as our lies, especially the ones we tell ourselves.

  • 367

    People who beautify ugliness destroy any remnants of truth from which they can build their happiness.

  • 368

    Fake relationships produce real sadness.

  • 369

    Destroyed relationships are the gold medals for arrogance and loneliness is the silver medal.

  • 370

    We should never start relationships when we know from the first day how they will end.

  • 371

    Let us terminate a relationship, in which with every passing day the partners feel more like strangers than when they first met.

  • 372

    Nothing knows better than our lies how to offer our love at a discount.

  • 373

    To protect ourselves from the truth, we often avoid what we admire. We admire our self-knowledge, but we want to know as little as possible about ourselves, especially our weaknesses. We do this for two reasons: first to avoid finding out how many more weaknesses we have than we realize, and second to avoid knowing how much we fail by allowing them to make us as sad as they want.

  • 374

    Our strengths attract people to us but it is our weaknesses which will decide how close to our heart they are allowed to come.

  • 375

    Love is born afresh every moment the truth of a soul finds a way to bypass our lies and touches the truth of another.

  • 376

    We might conquer the people around us with the lies we tell them, but if we want them to love us, we will have to tell them the truth.

  • 377

    Four people live in a relationship between two. A two-person relationship is a relationship between their two private truths, that is, who they really are and their two public images that is, who they seem to be.

  • 378

    Anyone who becomes the invention of their lies and not the proof of their truth, will become fake enough to feel miserable.

  • 379

    Let us take luck out of our happiness. As long as we don’t know ourselves, we don’t know what we need to be happy and we will only find happiness accidentally.

  • 380

    As long as I don’t know myself, I don’t know what I need to be happy, and I end up filling my life with things and people who make me sad.

  • 381

    Right next to people who have known each other for long stands their track record, who they really are, correcting everything they say, reminding of everything they want to forget and reinforcing everything they would erase.

  • 382

    I either learn the truth who I am and become simple enough to be happy or I hide in my lies and feel so complicated that I feel miserable.

  • 383

    We don’t like the truth because it simplifies matters just enough for us to be unable to hide there.

  • 384

    I will become as complicated as my fear to become simple enough to live without my lies.

  • 385

    My relationships will become as complicated as my aversion to the truth.

  • 386

    Relationships based on anything but the one and only truth die or become mere commercial transactions between two lies which never stop producing more individual sadness than common solutions.

  • 387

    I will believe enough in my happiness to defeat my sadness. I will believe enough in my happiness to prevent the sadness of the people around me from becoming my sadness.

  • 388

    Relationships need honesty to last and fakery to end.

  • 389

    Happiness is the cost of lying. The more we lie, the more we attract the wrong people to ourselves.

  • 390

    Truth belongs to those who realize that the cost of lying is much bigger than its benefits.

  • 391

    Most charming people are good at hiding that which makes them dull.

  • 392

    As long as I don’t believe enough in my happiness to defeat what wants to make me sad, the defeats of the people around me will become my sadness.

  • 393

    Relationships like to start with fireworks and end in yawns.

  • 394

    Liars seek fleeting emotional band-aids, whereas genuine people nurture healthy long-term solutions.

  • 395

    We become infatuated with the unknown, but it is the known that we love.

  • 396

    We will be able to trust someone, not when we realize which part of their character can help us, but which one can hurt us.

  • 397

    The least obvious cost of lying is that it attracts the wrong people, while pushing away from us the right ones.

  • 398

    If you want attract the right people, stop showing them the wrong person.

  • 399

    As long as I hide from the people around me the truth of who I am, I will be converting today’s smiles into tomorrow’s tears.

  • 400

    The revenge of lies is that I will never be able to enjoy any moment of my life during which I hide the truth from my happiness.

  • 401

    Relationships that begin as joyful displays of charm often end up being sad proofs of dishonesty.

  • 402

    Charm is an emotional quicksand. Charm is the least suitable emotional ground upon which to build a relationship.

  • 403

    The most dangerous people are the ones who never disagree with us.

  • 404

    If we want to know who is the greatest faker in a room, it is the one who always agrees with us.

  • 405

    Disagreement is the privilege of truth. Only liars agree with everyone all the time.

  • 406

    Truth creates real relationships, whereas lies create miserable cohabitation.

  • 407

    To test our decisiveness, life has built more forks on the road than high speed freeways. At the fork of the momentary and the eternal, the choice we have is between the temporary pain that is our lies. The quality of our life is determined by what we decide during the time when, after an easy drive through the uninterrupted stretches of life, that is among its easy periods, we stumble upon a fork in the road which forces us to either defend or betray our beliefs, to either defend or repudiate who we are.

  • 408

    Nobody works so hard for our happiness as our self-knowledge.

  • 409

    Happiness prefers to reside in the truth that people who profess to love us avoid telling us.

  • 410

    Our dislike of the truth makes the people around us lie to us.

  • 411

    A relationship based on anything other than the truth will sooner or later become a real abyss of sadness.

  • 412

    The main reason we choose to never learn the truth of who we are is to be able to use our lies to lift our self-worth much higher than it really is.

  • 413

    I often learn the value of the truth only after I have paid the cost of lying.

  • 414

    Truth is proof of love, while lies are proof of indifference. We either respect the people around us enough to tell them the truth or disrespect them enough to tell them lies.

  • 415

    To avoid upsetting people by telling them the truth, we disrespect them by telling them lies.

  • 416

    Truth is the greatest proof of love. people who love will speak the truth, whereas people who don’t care use any mix of truth and lies that suits them.

  • 417

    We have filled the world with so many fake serenities that we don’t know how to find real peace anymore. The use of truth separates the true friend, the one who cares about us, who loves us, from a faker. People who love us will tell us the truth, will ask the difficult questions, will disturb the artificial, fake serenity we have fabricated with the lies we tell ourselves, in order to help us uncover the truth, and through it our happiness. On the contrary, temporary or fake friends don’t feel the need to tell the truth because they know that they are not here to stay, meaning that most likely the reality will not have the time to reveal the lies they have told us. Being so addicted to immediate ease and instant comfort, we ourselves push people around us to lie to us by offering us an instant dose of fake relief from difficulty.

  • 418

    We are the accidental inventors of the opposite.

  • 419

    Happiness is victory in the battle against my lies.

  • 420

    We like to create relationships with people whom we never want to get to know well, no matter how often we ask them to tell us who they are.

  • 421

    People who can’t find happiness within them, will often turn the people around them into vending machines of any emotional benefits they need at any given time.

  • 422

    The better I become at inventing, with the help of the lies I tell myself, a parallel reality which grants me the favors that the real one will not, the easier it becomes for me to end up too fake to be happy.

  • 423

    Lies are the biggest inventors of sadness in the world.

  • 424

    We seek to find in our relationships the strengths we never had, and to lose those weaknesses of ours which we can’t escape from.

  • 425

    Sadness will always find those who try to outsource their happiness.

  • 426

    Great love is born when the big lies die. Love waits for the lie to die before it is born. Great love is born when our partners help us uncover the biggest lies we have ever told ourselves, by helping us to find the courage to tell the one truth we never told ourselves.

  • 427

    Love yourself but never fall in love with yourself. People who are infatuated with themselves will never be able to love anyone else.

  • 428

    Happy people might fall in love with anything, except themselves.

  • 429

    I am often afraid to love somebody, to prevent the truth, embedded in the intense feelings I have for them, from uncovering the lies I have told myself.

  • 430

    Bad relationships are kept alive by the many lies we tell our partners, but even more so, by the lies we tell ourselves. Contrarily, good relationships are sustained by telling the one and only truth.

  • 431

    Love the private truth, not the public image of a person. If we want to love someone, we must learn and love the truth of who they truly are, not the lie of what they show themselves to be.

  • 432

    The public image of a person rarely tells the truth, while their private truth never lies. We have such an obsession with winning that, often, when we meet someone for the first time, we want to conquer them as quickly as possible using the lies of our purpose- built and result-oriented public image, instead of using the pure and unvarnished quality of the private truth of our souls to explain to the people around us who we are. That is why so often, when we greet someone indifferently, we shake hands with all the lies they have told themselves, whereas when we hug them warmly, we embrace all the truth they’ve told themselves. Instead of the truth being the first thing anyone who meets us for the first time encounters, we have made the lies from which we have constructed our public image our ambassadors. What a pity, that the first one to welcome to our life anyone we meet for the first time is our public image, that is any mixture of truth and lies we employ to invent who we show ourselves to be.

  • 433

    As long as we lie to ourselves, we will lie to everybody else around us, without even having to open our mouths.

  • 434

    The most widespread use of my lies is to help me avoid doing the right thing.

  • 435

    The most intense loneliness in the world is to be alone in the presence of our partner, because then we can’t even enjoy the benefits of loneliness despite being obliged to pay the cost of the relationship.

  • 436

    The best relationships arise from one love, while the worst contain two lonely people which constantly fight each other for the right to be alone.

  • 437

    Great relationships are born when two lonely people become one dream before they become one love.

  • 438

    People who don’t care for each other just live for the moment, grabbing any joy they can from one another, while people who love, can’t bear not helping their loved ones build solid foundations for lasting happiness.

  • 439

    Happiness is the battle between the temporary and the eternal, during which we try to enjoy the present without injuring our future.

  • 440

    We carry within us that part of our past which we never understood, hoping to find someone who will love us enough to help us explain it to ourselves. They will manage to explain it by diving with us into the voluntary darkness of the unknown we ourselves have built from the lies we tell ourselves, and help us shed light on it until we manage to explain it to ourselves. The private darkness of the unknown is the part of our character we have elected not to discover. The part of our past we never understood lives in it. We hide the truth under the ambiguity we create with our lies. The part of our past we never understand lives in the part of our character we have left unknown. We do this to avoid going to those parts of our soul which we have left in darkness to make them seem totally unknown to us. We do it because we know that our weaknesses live there in the company of those questions we can’t find the courage to ask ourselves.

  • 441

    Life is a game between us and everything we deliberately leave unknown, the rules of which are made by the unpredictable.

  • 442

    The defeats of a previous relationship often become the next one’s victories.

  • 443

    Strengths begin relationships and weaknesses end them.

  • 444

    Our partner’s strengths may make our life briefly spectacular, whereas their weaknesses are more responsible for how beautiful our life is, by not allowing it to be ugly.

  • 445

    The public image of our partners will give us victories while their private truth will give us the most valuable victory of all, happiness.

  • 446

    We spend time with people to avoid spending time with our weaknesses.

  • 447

    What we need the most is what we know we don’t deserve to have.

  • 448

    Our favorite victories are the ones we don’t have to win because others win them for us.

  • 449

    People who can’t win, live off the leftovers of others’ victories.

  • 450

    One of our favorite sports is to ask the people around us to win on our behalf those battles that we cannot win on our own.

  • 451

    When we don’t know ourselves, we imprison the people around us in our weaknesses, and, when we do know ourselves, we use our strengths to liberate them from their weaknesses.

  • 452

    Beautiful relationships are made out of many “yesses” which don’t matter at all, and a few priceless “noes” that matter a lot.

  • 453

    The strength of my character is determined by how many “noes” I will say during my lifetime, which will, not only defend my beliefs, but prevent my weaknesses from betraying them.

  • 454

    Love begins when lies end.

  • 455

    Love often hurts because it can’t be made out of anything else but the truth.

  • 456

    The proof of love is when I am willing to put at risk not only the peace but also the very existence of a relationship, to help protect the people I love from their own weaknesses.

  • 457

    We are professional arsonists setting our happiness on fire, and amateur firefighters trying to douse those very flames.

  • 458

    Emotional distance between two people is produced by that part of the sadness of each which they do not want to explain to themselves.

  • 459

    In a relationship, happiness becomes the proper management of the weaknesses of our partner, but even more so, of our own.

  • 460

    I am as happy as how happy i want to make the people around me.

  • 461

    The proof of my indifference to someone is when I choose to save myself and not them from the ugliness and misery that I produce.

  • 462

    The biggest losers are those who search to find victory in the defeat of others and pleasure in the pain they cause them.

  • 463

    Sad is a soul that cannot find its beauty. Even sadder is a soul that cannot translate its beauty into happiness.

  • 464

    Truth is the only compass that always points to happiness.

  • 465

    We often fall in love with someone because their weaknesses fascinate us more than they bother us, and we marry them hoping that their strengths will offer us more than they will demand to take away.

  • 466

    The first day of a relationship is built by our strengths and the last is demolished by our weaknesses.

  • 467

    We seek in our relationships to find the person who will defeat those weaknesses of ours which we can’t defeat ourselves.

  • 468

    No matter how combative we might be with them, we like to have people next to us who are better than us so that we may harness their strengths to defeat those weaknesses of ours which we can’t defeat ourselves.

  • 469

    Love is often born the first time the soul of someone close to us finds the courage to answer the questions we never dared ask ourselves.

  • 470

    Let us believe enough in our beliefs to stop killing our dreams just to avoid proving to ourselves how incapable we are of making them reality.

  • 471

    We live imprisoned in the weaknesses of the people around us, no matter how free we think we are.

  • 472

    We live imprisoned in each other’s defeats. We live imprisoned in everything the people around us failed to ever achieve.

  • 473

    Often, the most exciting character trait of people is how good they are in hiding what makes them dull.

  • 474

    During the first date, the people we wish we were won’t let the people we actually are finish a sentence.

  • 475

    Love is not wanting to defeat the one you love.

  • 476

    Love which needs victory to survive, is the love that lost.

  • 477

    People who deserve your soul are those who will give you theirs.

  • 478

    The most dangerous people are those who know how to hide their weaknesses.

  • 479

    Love is having a companion who will help us transform the army of all the terrorist words that live in the darkest parts of our soul into a bouquet of peaceful silence.

  • 480

    I love someone when I am eager to share the costs of the relationship with them, as I am to enjoy its benefits.

  • 481

    Our double bed should not become a Colosseum where we prove our capacity to defeat each other, but a Parthenon where we prove our ability to be human rather than winners.

  • 482

    Of all the species on earth, only humans have the capacity to crawl in the mud, while convincing themselves that they are flying in the sky.

  • 483

    Only self-knowledge can stop my strength from becoming a weakness.

  • 484

    When a relationship between two people becomes a zero-sum game, when the victory of one means the defeat of the other, the relationship turns into a disposable Colosseum, from which both gladiators emerge injured and ultimately defeated, no matter how much they think they have won.

  • 485

    A friendship is the last place on earth to look for romantic love. Relationships that keep mutating from one level to another are made more out of convenience than love. The world is full of failed loves that live hidden in friendships which imagine they are successful. A relationship is either born as love at first sight or as friendship. It is much easier to explain why we are friends with someone than it is to explain why we are in love with them. The reason is that being in love gives birth to so many more intense emotions than friendship, which refuse to subject themselves to logic.. When we can’t find the person we want to fall in love with, we go down the ladder one step at a time and start overturning relationships and eventually friendships, just in case we manage to find something that might look like an acceptable copy of love.

  • 486

    Love is everything, except compromise.

  • 487

    People who know how to translate a friendship into love were never friends.

  • 488

    Nothing can stop love from being born, least of all the most logical argument.

  • 489

    Love is born when two people become one beauty.

  • 490

    Love is the only force that knows how to defeat our logic, without making it feel that it lost.

  • 491

    Fall in love with the person your soul wants and marry the person your logic can live with.

  • 492

    If I can explain why I am in love, I am not.

  • 493

    We often hurt the most those whom we love the most, even if they are the last people on earth we want to hurt.

  • 494

    We hurt the people we love much more than we hurt people we hate.

  • 495

    We often start relationships to hide in them those parts of our personality which we hate the most.

  • 496

    Love is to protect my loved ones from my own worst self.

  • 497

    The love I feel for someone is proved by how well I manage the hatred I feel for myself.

  • 498

    Love is choosing to pay the price of our lack of self-knowledge and the ugliness it produces, rather than forcing our beloved to pay for it.

  • 499

    Our victories often make the world around us uglier than we think. We need victory so much, that we are willing to make our world uglier and sadder by filling it with defeated people, without realizing that we will have to live in it.

  • 500

    Liars will never be able to really love.

  • 501

    Love is born when I find a person whose soul will be able to answer the questions my own soul cannot answer.

  • 502

    Love is born when our emotions become the sunbeams that will light, for the first time ever, those parts of the soul of our loved ones which always lived in complete darkness.

  • 503

    Love will make us the person we should have been already.

  • 504

    By allowing people to change us, making us who they want us to be, we reward people who do not really love us, but love only the persons they want to turn us into.

  • 505

    The world overflows with amateur killers of smiles - people who think they are great emotional surgeons performing character-change operations, no matter how many thousands of happy moments they have killed in the process.

  • 506

    If the people we wished to change desired to be those we wanted them to become, they would have been so already. Nobody is born fake. We become fake with the lies we tell others and even more with the lies we tell ourselves. The fact that they have remained who they are, for so many years, proves how fake we seek to make them. The fact that they choose to be something different from who we ask them to be is proof that, the more we attempt to change them, the more we will end up creating and living with an artificial, fake and unhappy human being. They would be a person who did not exist before we invented them, a person who should never have been invented because they are products of the needs of the people around them and not their own needs. Let us stop allowing the people around us to change us to suit their needs because, if we really wished to be the persons they wanted us to become, we would have been so already.

  • 507

    There is so much unhappiness in the world because, not knowing ourselves well enough to trust who we really are, we allow our fellow human beings to change us, until they make us fake enough to be sad.

  • 508

    I am afraid to love because I know that love will force me to face a part of my character I do not yet know.

  • 509

    Love is born every time when, having entered the soul of a fellow human being, I realize how much the truth of who they are resembles my own truth.

  • 510

    People who cannot make others love them try to earn their respect, and, if they cannot even succeed in that, they make them fear them.

  • 511

    We often offer to people the emotions opposite to those that they refuse to give us.

  • 512

    Hatred is often what we give to people who refuse to return our love.

  • 513

    We are the advertisers of the non-existent. We convert ordinary discussions into disposable colosseums to display the power we wished we had, but do not have.

  • 514

    Loneliness is victory’s best friend. Everybody wants to be close to the winner, but no one wants to be so close that they may be destroyed by their power.

  • 515

    People who try to trick their happiness will sooner or later fall in love with their misery.

  • 516

    A stranger may try to grab as much of the beauty of my life as they can for their own use, a casual friend may borrow a piece of it, often without intending to give it back, while those who love me will dive into my ugliness to help me make it beautiful.

  • 517

    Casual friends will try to participate only in those parts of my life that are already beautiful, while the people who love me will help me create new beauty in my life.

  • 518

    Beautiful relationships are created by people who are willing to forgo what makes them ugly.

  • 519

    Relationships are kept alive as long as the benefits of being together are greater than the costs of being alone.

  • 520

    The best relationships are initiated by people to whose ego reality has had the chance to explain what loneliness means.

  • 521

    We often fall in love with the unknown, because we don't know how to handle it.

  • 522

    The more I choose to not want to know others, the more my relationship with them will be a product of my fears rather than of my hopes.

  • 523

    As long as I choose not to know the people around me well, my real partner will be loneliness, regardless of the hours I spend with them.

  • 524

    The most boring relationships are made by two people who hate their loneliness more than they love each other.

  • 525

    In good relationships, two lonely hearts become one love, and in bad ones, they become two endless complaints.

  • 526

    Before we look ahead, we often have to look back and remind ourselves of the truth of who we really are.

  • 527

    People who use their emotions as currency to buy victories, will become more sad than successful.

  • 528

    Love means finding within the souls of our loved ones the kind of happiness we never managed to find in our own soul.

  • 529

    Nothing knows how to transform the ordinary into a miracle, like love does.

  • 530

    I often discover my self-worth in the emotions I evoke in the people around me.

  • 531

    Love is born when I find another soul which will manage to turn my ugliness into beauty, my fears into hopes, my pessimism into a leap forward, and my insecurities into self-confidence.

  • 532

    Love will remove the “im” from the impossible, and the “in” of insecurities.

  • 533

    I either learn the truth of who I am as much as is needed to trust who i am enough to love myself, or I leave the part of my character, which I fear, unknown enough to end up hating the person I have become.

  • 534

    In a relationship, when we break up with our partner, we also break up with the lies that both of us have been telling from the first day to keep the relationship alive by convincing ourselves that it is not as bad as the reality we live in claims.

  • 535

    Truth is the best proof of love. People who love us tell us the truth to make us stronger, while people who do not care for us reinforce the lies we tell ourselves to make us weaker, so that they can grab any emotional and physical benefits they need, more easily.

  • 536

    I need people around me to make me as humble as needed to become real enough to deserve my happiness.

  • 537

    New partners can’t change old habits.

  • 538

    Do not start a relationship which asks you to betray the person you are when you are alone.

  • 539

    People who live happily together are those who are not asked to betray their loneliness.

  • 540

    For two people to live happily together, they must create in their relationship an emotional space for each to be alone.

  • 541

    Healthy relationships know how to protect the loneliness of one from the insecurities of the other.

  • 542

    Love does not answer to anyone, while marriage answers to everyone.

  • 543

    Love is born not having to answer to anyone, occasionally even to reality, whereas marriage often becomes the bill we have to pay for all the damage we have caused to our previous partners.

  • 544

    When you find a lover who can also be a friend, marry them.

  • 545

    We often become the inventions of the people around us.

  • 546

    The best thing a parent can do for their child is to give them the necessary emotional weapons to win their battles, and the worst thing is to win those battles on their child’s behalf.

  • 547

    The best way to make someone incompetent at solving problems, is to solve them on their behalf.

  • 548

    We will become as mean as the people we treat meanly let us be.

  • 549

    We react more than we act.

  • 550

    Emotionally asymmetrical people deserve their loneliness more than they deserve our friendship.

  • 551

    We are emotional acrobats, trying to balance between right and wrong, good and evil, compassion and frigidity, emotional stinginess and generosity, while trying not to stumble on our next mistake.

  • 552

    All that I have convinced myself I do not owe to the people around me will become my sadness well before it becomes their defeat.

  • 553

    The moment a relationship loses its symmetry, it finds its end.

  • 554

    Greed is good at several things, and best at self-destructing.

  • 555

    My deepest misery is the joy I refuse to give the people around me.

  • 556

    How can I demand real relationships with people when I do everything in my power not to show them the truth of who I am?

  • 557

    We become what our partner is not.

  • 558

    I need an emotional connect with other people to try and find in their souls that part of my happiness which I no longer know how to find in mine.

  • 559

    No person is as simple as they seem. We are good at hiding how complicated we are so that we can convince ourselves we are simple enough to deserve our happiness.

  • 560

    Relationships between two people are like a loaf of bread. The more we cut from one side, the smaller the other side becomes.

  • 561

    Nothing defeats weaknesses faster than love.

  • 562

    People who do not trust anyone are those who do not trust themselves.

  • 563

    Every relationship is a journey into the unknown, whose guide is that part of our self-knowledge which we cannot bear to know.

  • 564

    A relationship should end when, the more we learn about our partner, the more new questions are born than old ones getting answered and the less we feel we know them.

  • 565

    Only love can convince two egos to stop demanding and start giving.

  • 566

    Love is the best cure for egoism.

  • 567

    We have made our loneliness the best place to hide from our lack of self-knowledge.

  • 568

    Future relationships are the best garbage collectors in the world.

  • 569

    People I love are those who I will refuse to hurt, no matter how much I stand to gain from it.

  • 570

    My self-knowledge always led me to love, and its absence led me to loneliness.

  • 571

    We fall in love with a person’s image, but we can only love the truth of who they are.

  • 572

    I hate loneliness because it likes to reveal the mistakes I make when I am with people.

  • 573

    Failed relationships give birth to the worst type of loneliness. Fugitives are first haunted by their happiness, and then by their pursuer. We can either become miserable by lying to ourselves and being haunted by the truth we have hidden beneath our lies or we can tell the truth, and without being haunted by anyone, especially our sadness, we can open the door to our happiness. Have you ever met someone who is being haunted, and yet is peaceful and happy?

  • 574

    The people who will prove to be the most important in our lives are those who will manage to touch the parts of our truth which we hide from ourselves. We are the children of all the lies we have told ourselves thus far, and the one truth we owe to tell ourselves. Love means being willing to dive head first into the lies, which our beloved has told themselves, so that we can help them find the truth. Truth leads to a sense of security, peace and happiness because, the moment we stop lying, we will finally be able to feel for the first time, after a long while, that no one is chasing us and that we are safe.

  • 575

    I avoid learning the truth of who I am because I know it is difficult to search for it, without stumbling upon what I owe to my happiness.

  • 576

    Apathy is our emergency exit out of the truth of who we are. We are afraid of having intense relationships because, we know that, in the intensity of the emotions that will be born, we will come into very close contact with our souls. As a result, the truth we have been hiding for years from ourselves will be discovered.

  • 577

    Fake people create fragile, temporary and miserable relationships, while genuine people create stable, enduring and happy ones.

  • 578

    I will be happy when I become good at saving people and bad at letting them drown.

  • 579

    Before we start saving others, let us save ourselves. We save others, to avoid saving ourselves.

  • 580

    How can we have a real relationship with someone we have already made fake, with the lies we tell ourselves about them?

  • 581

    Let us finally admit to ourselves that we try to change people for our own benefit, more than we do so for theirs.

  • 582

    Unable to find out how our soul works, we keep offering it at a deep discount to others.

  • 583

    The costliest thing will prove to be the one that knows how to hide its true cost.

  • 584

    The way I handle the weaknesses of the people around me proves how much I love them.

  • 585

    People change much less than they remain the same. We are the ones who just do not want to figure out who they really are, so that we do not upset the lies we have told ourselves about who we would like them to be.

  • 586

    Loneliness is the reward which my lack of self-knowledge keeps giving me.

  • 587

    Through truth, self-knowledge leads to love. People who know themselves feel so confident about who they are, that they do not have to build walls to defend themselves against the malice of the people around them, thus opening up their souls, and becoming accessible enough to love and be loved. When we know who we are, we know our value, and feel confident that we can defend it against the attacks of any negativity created by the environment we live in or the people around us. So, we can open up to them, embrace them and not be afraid of them. People who enjoy life are those who have learned how to manage the pain it causes them, by explaining it to themselves. There is no life without pain and there is no relationship without negativity. The known part of our self-knowledge creates our happiness and the unknown part of it creates our misery. People who know themselves well have a tremendous ease at being in relationships because they are confident they can endure the negativity those relationships might throw at them.

  • 588

    The early days of a relationship are filled with questions that demand immediate answers, whereas its final days breed questions which beg to be left forever unanswered.

  • 589

    I cannot just keep on showing my strengths to people and hope that reality will never show them my weaknesses.

  • 590

    As long as we lie, we will never be able to answer the questions our happiness asks us so that it can determine whether we deserve it.

  • 591

    Lies hate liars, no matter how much they help them, because whatever has no truth in it, will eventually lose its strength and self-destruct.

  • 592

    The biggest cost of allowing our lies to advertise what we are not is that it attracts the wrong people to us, those we should be driving away.

  • 593

    I know the world around me as well as I know myself.

  • 594

    Success envies happiness enough to want to destroy it.

  • 595

    Chemistry between people is the most difficult science in the world.

  • 596

    Either we learn who we are and become light, or we keep ourselves unknown and become darkness.

  • 597

    I will live every moment of my life as if it is the last chance I have to throw color into the colorless, purpose into nothingness, passion into the yawn, smiles into frigidity, humanity into victory, spontaneity into lifelessness, surprise into the routine, compassion into indifference, my self-confidence into my biggest fears, my strongest beliefs into my most unsettling doubts, and the optimism of a beautiful spring day into the center of my worst thoughts

  • 598

    Every moment of my life is not a celebration, but it can become one when I tell the truth to myself about what it is that produces my sadness until I can disarm it

  • 599

    If there is something we need to do to become worse, it is finding ways to avoid becoming better

  • 600

    Life is the art of not letting the excuses we have for why we are sad become our next sadness while we convert the opportunities we have to be happy into our next happiness

  • 601

    Truth will become happiness because it knows how to disarm the lies that lead to misery

  • 602

    There are many opinions, but there’s only one truth

  • 603

    People who deify the present so much as to surrender to it, are ignoring their future enough to be destroyed by it

  • 604

    Most things we do are to feel better about how bad we feel

  • 605

    As long as we can convince our smile to help us make the world inside us and the world around us beautiful, we will feel victorious, without even having to win

  • 606

    We become the fugitives of everything we postpone

  • 607

    Let us stop living a question away from beauty, a courage away from a solution, a smile away from joy, a lie away from sadness, a realization away from honesty, a sincere word away from telling the truth, and a self-knowledge away from the meaning of our lives

  • 608

    Happy are those who ask nothing of their luck, and miserable are the ones who never stop asking their greed for more

  • 609

    Happy are the people who have no need of anything other than what they already have to defeat their sadness

  • 610

    Our joy is ours as much as our sorrow is

  • 611

    Our sadness is the happiness we squandered

  • 612

    Sad people unite all the reasons they have to be miserable to justify their failure to be happy, whereas people who are happy toss between them a reason to be happy, so that their sorrows cannot band together and become strong enough to defeat them

  • 613

    There is no lie that does not lead to sadness because there is no lie that does not make us weak enough to lose ourselves in our character so much that we are unable to find happiness

  • 614

    Happy people will fight any reasons they may have to be sad until they defeat or are defeated by them, while sad people will dive in them so they can hide the reasons as to why they can’t find happiness

  • 615

    Our great disadvantage in the battle for happiness is that, since pain is so much stronger as an emotion than pleasure, we are better at suffering than at enjoying

  • 616

    Lies know all the thousands of shortcuts to misery, but not even one road that leads to happiness

  • 617

    Happiness is the best cure for pessimism

  • 618

    Happy are those who consider their freedom more valuable than their ego

  • 619

    Let’s learn our weaknesses well enough to disarm the excuses we have to feel sad so that we can enjoy the beauty produced by the opportunities we have to be happy

  • 620

    We don’t want to learn how to be happy so that we will not feel constantly compelled, in the future, to fight with the reasons that want to make us sad

  • 621

    Every moment is an opportunity for an alpha U-turn, by starting to do what is right instead of continuing to do what’s wrong

  • 622

    As long we lie to ourselves we will be weak enough to be defeated by anything that wants to make us sad

  • 623

    Happy are the people who will not let anything they lack make them miserable

  • 624

    People who have convinced themselves that they deserve happiness more than they deserve their misery have all it takes to be sad

  • 625

    Happiness does not trust those who don’t trust themselves

  • 626

    Every empty promise I gave filled me with sadness

  • 627

    Stop asking life to remain the same because you are afraid to change

  • 628

    Let us learn those weaknesses of ours that produce our sadness well enough to disarm them because our sorrows are much better at bonding together until they become a huge tear, than our joys are at becoming a carefree laugh

  • 629

    Sad people create tears out of what they lack, whereas happy ones create smiles out of what they already have

  • 630

    Instead of giving all we’ve got to become happy, the older we get, the better we become at pretending not to realize how miserable we are

  • 631

    Let us enjoy life because the happy moments we live are the only fortune that we can never lose

  • 632

    Happy are the people who trust their truth to explain to the world around them who they really are

  • 633

    I will become happy enough to defeat my pessimism

  • 634

    Happy are the people who will fight with all their might against everything that wants to make them sad, while unhappy are those who will just surrender to it

  • 635

    Happiness will go to those who are optimistic enough to defeat everything that wants to make sad

  • 636

    Optimists become the person they want, while pessimists become the person they are mostly afraid of

  • 637

    I will become happy when I realize what makes me miserable

  • 638

    Free to enjoy the present are those who, having told the truth to the person they were in the past and the person they will become in the future, do not owe their happiness to them

  • 639

    We either live each moment, or lose it forever

  • 640

    Happy people live by marching toward their happiness, while sad people live by waiting for it to come and pick them up

  • 641

    Love the present because you will never get the chance to love it again

  • 642

    Joy is disposable, single-use happiness, while happiness is finding and permanently disarming anything that wants to make us sad

  • 643

    People who love the present for the wrong reasons will never get to enjoy it

  • 644

    Let’s love the present because we get the chance of living it just once, not because we have convinced ourselves that we can become anybody we want to without ever having to pay the future for the cost of any mistake we do during it

  • 645

    We often choose not to live our lives to the fullest because we allow the regrets of who we were yesterday and the anxieties regarding who we will become tomorrow steal from us the only time period we can actually experience - today

  • 646

    I trust spontaneous people because, by not giving themselves the chance to manufacture lies, they end up telling the truth

  • 647

    Happiness loves spontaneous people because they tell it the truth and fear the rest because they often lie to it

  • 648

    My mistakes often enter my future before me to warn it of what is coming

  • 649

    Everybody can become temporarily cheerful, but only those who deserve their happiness will end up being happy

  • 650

    Happy are those who deserve their happiness

  • 651

    By lying to our past so that we can’t see who we have become and by lying to our future so that we can’t see who we have the ability to be, we end up forgetting the truth of who we really are so much that we become fake and weak enough to get so lost in our character that we feel utterly miserable

  • 652

    Every time I fill my soul with stolen smiles – smiles stolen from others because I couldn’t create my own - it becomes the most frigid distant, saddest place on earth

  • 653

    We live far enough from reality to avoid experiencing it, but close enough to it so that we don’t feel that we are afraid of it

  • 654

    Only sad people believe that their happiness is their birthright

  • 655

    All shortcuts to happiness lead to sadness

  • 656

    As long as we postpone our appointment with the truth, we will never get to meet our happiness

  • 657

    Let us stop living by just adding days, not happiness to our life

  • 658

    Happy people will just enjoy a happy moment of their life and move on to the next, whereas miserable ones will dive into the reasons they have to be sad to justify their failure to be happy

  • 659

    A real smile is the easiest thing in the world to create for those who deserve their happiness, and the most difficult for those who don’t

  • 660

    Life seems short to those who don’t respect it enough to do everything to enjoy it

  • 661

    We refuse to discover how happy we can be, to avoid realizing how miserable we are

  • 662

    We have made the truth of who we are the greatest enemy of our happiness

  • 663

    We often feel so awkward when we are left alone with our happiness because we know how badly we have treated it

  • 664

    My sadness if often created by the empty promises I give to my happiness

  • 665

    My optimism is created from every moment of my life I enjoyed, my pessimism - from every moment that I wasted, and my desperation, from every moment I mistreated my happiness

  • 666

    We either enjoy every moment of our lives and make it a part of our optimism, or we don’t and make it part of our fears

  • 667

    No matter how much we praise them, we hate the moments of our life that force us to prove how capable, or not, we are of enjoying them

  • 668

    We need to live in the moment because we know how good we are at making the future as dishonest as it suit us to be

  • 669

    I wish my life will never learn how to stay the same

  • 670

    Happy people discover smiles in the middle of the biggest despair, while sad people keep discovering new ways to lose them even in the the middle of the biggest celebration

  • 671

    We live glued to the beauty of the future to avoid stumbling on the ugliness out of which we have made our past

  • 672

    To avoid proving to ourselves how incapable we are of finding happiness, we pretend that we are not looking for it at all, and therefore end up becoming miserable

  • 673

    The road to happiness is so hard because it is full of questions we don’t want to ask our sadness

  • 674

    Happiness will never accept down payments

  • 675

    How can there not be so much sadness in the world when we don’t want to learn how to become happy?

  • 676

    We will never discover the truth of who we are as long as we never ask the questions that lead to the lies we’ve told ourselves

  • 677

    I defeat death every time I enjoy life

  • 678

    We dread death because, having lied so much to ourselves and others in our lifetime, we have made it the ultimate proof of how fake we are

  • 679

    Death is the final answer to all those questions we have never dared to ask ourselves

  • 680

    If we want to take away the power that death has over us, let’s give the truthful answers we owe ourselves, before death gives them to us

  • 681

    Death delivers the best life lessons

  • 682

    Why learn how to live when we have no life to live anymore? How can there not be so much misery in the world when we do everything we can to avoid knowing the truth of who we are as early as possible in our life so that we may enjoy as large a part of it as possible? Instead, we allow death to do that for us, handing us just before we die the greatest gift of our lives, self-knowledge, at a time when we have little time left to enjoy it

  • 683

    Procrastination is a meaningful mistake camouflaged as just another meaningless delay

  • 684

    We do everything not to learn the meaning of our lives, to avoid realizing how often we choose to betray it

  • 685

    Let us stop handing out our life to our weaknesses and, instead, become the people our strengths can make us

  • 686

    Death is the moment when great pain and great relief become one

  • 687

    Death is the first time where the truth has no cost

  • 688

    Death has as much power as our lies have given it

  • 689

    We don’t want to learn how to become happy so that we can justify our failure to do so well enough to avoid feeling bad about how sad we are

  • 690

    The eternal value of truth is that the more we lie to ourselves, the more we fear death

  • 691

    I don’t fear death because, as long as I live, I will tell myself the truth about who I am

  • 692

    Death is the moment of our lives when freedom and imprisonment resolve the differences they have had for years and become an end

  • 693

    People who are busy living don’t feel the need to invent life theories, whereas those who evade living cannot invent enough of them

  • 694

    The future punishes those who predict it by giving them an ever more difficult-to-predict future

  • 695

    There is more joy than we feel, if only we stopped covering it with our sorrow to prevent it from proving to us how unhappy we are

  • 696

    We produce the surprises we hate by creating the conditions that will give birth to them

  • 697

    Nasty surprises happen to people who disrespect their life enough to take it for granted

  • 698

    We can’t enjoy what we don’t respect

  • 699

    All the moments of our life are unique, not just the unique ones

  • 700

    We spend our lives enjoying our good luck, while being mortgaged to our misfortune

  • 701

    The fact that we do not know when the next disease will force our life to take a turn for the worse shouldn’t make us pessimistic, but exactly the opposite by pushing us to do everything we can to enjoy every moment we are healthy

  • 702

    A future disease is the invisible roommate we live with but don’t realize until it asks us for the rent we should have being paying our health all these years

  • 703

    Every moment of our life is unique because even its easiest to reproduce moments cannot be reproduced

  • 704

    People who postpone happiness, deserve their sadness

  • 705

    We can predict the future better than we can imagine, because our future will toss in our face all the lies and mistakes we are building our present from

  • 706

    We waste what we belittle and enjoy what we respect

  • 707

    Winners lengthen their life by enjoying it and losers shorten it by wasting it

  • 708

    For happy people, the future is the gift of their past and for those who are miserable, the future becomes its revenge

  • 709

    The more we disrespect abundance, the more we end up being tyrannized by scarcity

  • 710

    We can’t belittle anything, without belittling ourselves

  • 711

    We will never again be able to live even the most easy-to-reproduce moment of our life

  • 712

    The easiest to fix worst decision is to ignore our life’s generosity

  • 713

    Every moment is an instant treasure that has value while it lasts and is worthless for the rest of our life

  • 714

    The only road in the world that has no shortcuts is the road to happiness

  • 715

    People who are tortured by what they lack are those who do not respect what they have

  • 716

    Despite time being the only good of which we do not know how much more we have left, we waste it more than any other

  • 717

    People who are interested only in the present are doomed to a future that has no future

  • 718

    The more we choose to live in the present, so that we can hide from the mistakes we made in the past, the more we end up lying to ourselves so much that we become weak enough to make those mistakes which will make our future miserable

  • 719

    “Now” is a priceless opportunity that our life gives us just once for us to enjoy, become better, create and learn about ourselves well enough to become happier, and not an excuse to hide from our past and our future

  • 720

    We deify the present by living for the moment, so that we don’t feel guilty about the mistakes we are making, the cost of which we will have to pay in the future by having to account for them

  • 721

    Weak are the people who don’t trust their strength

  • 722

    There are no free words or free deeds

  • 723

    We have created or destroyed our future, before we even get a chance to live it

  • 724

    We create our future from the right decisions, or the mistakes, we make today

  • 725

    Let us live our present to the max, not to forget our past or ignore our future, but to feel so close to the truth of who we are that we become strong enough to handle the person we were in the past and the person we want to become in the future

  • 726

    The present is enjoyed by those who do not use it to escape the person they became in the past and the person they want to become in the future

  • 727

    Life is more binary than our cheap excuses would like

  • 728

    I feel happy every moment of my life during which I take responsibility for my misery

  • 729

    People who have convinced themselves that they do not owe to tell the truth to the person they were in the past become fake enough to be miserable

  • 730

    Our present will treat us the way we’ve treated our past

  • 731

    To avoid coming into direct contact with our weaknesses we live in the present, doing everything we can to cut ourselves from the proofs of the person we were in the past and the hopes of the the person we want to become in the future

  • 732

    People who live only for the moment create a future full of obligations to correct the mistakes they made while ignoring it

  • 733

    There is so much sadness in the world because sadness does not ask us for anything, whereas happiness asks everything of us

  • 734

    Today’s right decisions are the wings that will liberate our future from our weaknesses, and today’s mistakes are the heavy chains that will imprison us in it

  • 735

    Happy people become their truth and sad people become their excuses

  • 736

    We will make the mistakes we run away from

  • 737

    Every moment of my life I've made awkward by not knowing how to live it, I observed my past stealing my present from me and donating it to my future

  • 738

    I enjoy every moment of my life where I don’t feel obligated to explain to my past about the person I became or feel the need to apologize to the future for the person I want to become

  • 739

    We walk toward the future trying not to stumble onto the person we should not become

  • 740

    The revenge of the ordinary is that, by adoring the spectacular so much, we ended up underestimating the ordinary enough to render ourselves unable to find the pleasure, creativity, and happiness it holds

  • 741

    Every lie we tell ourselves will steer us away from the person we want to become and every truth we tell ourselves will bring us closer to them

  • 742

    Happy people make every moment an opportunity, while those who are miserable turn it into an excuse

  • 743

    People who treat their present as having no cost but only benefit, are inviting a future that will cost so much more than it will benefit them

  • 744

    People who hide from the person they were in the past and the person they want to become in the future, reveal the person their sadness wants them to be

  • 745

    People who have no anxiety for their future, are those who get to know their weaknesses well enough to disarm them before they get to fill it with the endless pain and misery they produce

  • 746

    Nothing fits between right and wrong, except cheap excuses

  • 747

    There is no free happiness

  • 748

    Life seems endless to those who realize how small it is and minuscule to those who behave like it will never end

  • 749

    Our future will give us what we gave our present, usually with interest of pain or pleasure added to it

  • 750

    The greatest misallocation of our resources is how much more we use our lies to hide our weakness— by hiding how sad we are— than we use our truth to become strong enough to be happy

  • 751

    By pretending we don’t see our past and our future, we fill our life with so much voluntary darkness that we end up being afraid of it

  • 752

    Anxious for the future are those who convince themselves that they don’t realize the future cost of the mistakes they make today

  • 753

    Our future sadness is the cost of today’s wrong decisions and our future happiness is the benefit of today’s right ones

  • 754

    Every day our past gives to our future every right decision we make as a gift and every wrong decision we make as a curse

  • 755

    Be patient with everything, except with happiness

  • 756

    Postponed sadness is a future that has no future

  • 757

    Postponed sadness is a time bomb of pain

  • 758

    The present is enjoyed only by those who don’t punish their future by filling it with any misery they don’t want to feel today

  • 759

    We make every moment of our lives as unique as our willingness to defend our uniqueness from the attacks of our normality

  • 760

    I will become the liberator of my beauty when I will stop being the prisoner of my ugliness

  • 761

    Life is too short to think it is endless

  • 762

    By postponing pleasure for the future, we create a future that we will never experience

  • 763

    Those who postpone pleasure for the future, exclude themselves from it

  • 764

    Happy are the people who have many opponents, but no enemies

  • 765

    How can we not fail and be miserable when our preferred strategy to deal with the only enemy we have in life – our weaknesses - is not to deal with them at all? Instead of mobilizing our strengths to fight our weaknesses, we bow our heads and run to hide in our lies, blurring the reality in which we live, making it as fake as possible so we won’t let it show and prove to us the truth of how often we lose the battles with our weaknesses

  • 766

    Happiness is the outcome of the duel between the exclamation mark and the yawn

  • 767

    Most useless are the people who are not willing to use the capabilities, the privileges and the charisma they have to make their life, and the life of the people around them, better and happier

  • 768

    The world is full of misery because nobody is smarter than their happiness

  • 769

    We kill our life one yawn at a time

  • 770

    We don’t want to acknowledge how happy we can become to avoid realizing how sad we are

  • 771

    My saddest image is when I stand in front of a smile of mine, not knowing how to use it anymore to make myself and the world around me happier

  • 772

    At the end of the day, sad people are drowning in their excuses, whereas happy people are surrounded by their smiles

  • 773

    Life consists of good as well as bad times

  • 774

    I feel truly happy when I am so content with who I am that I don’t want to become anybody else

  • 775

    The only way to stop fearing the truth is to know it

  • 776

    When I stop giving away my dreams to my fears so that they can turn them into my nightmares, all the dirt roads in my life that are full of dangerous turns and hidden potholes will turn into the wide runway I will use for my take off

  • 777

    Why should we give our love to only one person when we can give it to our whole lives? Love produces so much beauty and positivity that it can overcome most difficulties, frustration, problems, and negativity life throws our way

  • 778

    How can we value beauty so much, while doing so little to make our lives more beautiful? How can we value beauty so much while we keep getting so seduced by ugliness? Let’s create love and beauty

  • 779

    Let’s not wait for others to hand us over any beauty they do not need and let’s start creating our own beauty today

  • 780

    Why waste our lives waiting for something beautiful, unique, and priceless to give us the beauty, uniqueness, and value we deserve to have? Let’s create our own value, not only by realizing who we are, but also by discovering who we deserve to be

  • 781

    Postponing happiness is the easiest to correct serious mistake that we make during our lifetimes

  • 782

    Only people who survive their sadness give themselves the opportunity to become happy

  • 783

    Beauty is everywhere, as long as we can set aside our ugliness and those weaknesses of ours that produce it

  • 784

    Every happy person is in love with their life and every miserable person hates their life, no matter how many successes it has given them

  • 785

    We are as happy as we love our life and as sad as we hate it

  • 786

    Happiness is cash, not the checks of future smiles that we write and hope that, at some point, life will decide to pay them for us

  • 787

    I will stop waiting for something beautiful which might someday come to introduce me, for the first time, to the beauty of my soul, and I will start searching for it today

  • 788

    Happiness makes me feel that, even when I am at the worst spot in the world, I don’t want to be anywhere else

  • 789

    Either I respect every moment of my life enough to make it an opportunity, or disrespect it so much as to make it an excuse

  • 790

    I will fill my life with valuable questions, not cheap excuses

  • 791

    If you want to be happy, ask yourself why don’t you give all you got to defend yourself from everything that wants to make you sad? We do not enjoy our lives as much as we can because we use cheap excuses to hide our fear of discovering how responsible we are for our happiness

  • 792

    Right decisions belong to those who survive the wrong ones

  • 793

    I will stop living by tightly hugging the “pause” of my life, waiting for the spectacular to come and pick me up, and instead, start walking to where my soul already is

  • 794

    Happy people reveal while sad people hide

  • 795

    People who are more afraid of their sadness than they respect their happiness, become the undertakers of their smiles

  • 796

    Self-knowledge is the ultimate disabler of pessimism

  • 797

    Let us stop being the prisoners of our worst thoughts and follow our most beautiful emotions wherever our happiness does not have to defeat anyone to become the biggest victory we will ever win

  • 798

    Beautiful are those who help others discover their beauty

  • 799

    Any sadness around us quickly becomes the best friend of our worst self

  • 800

    “Sometime” is a lying “never”

  • 801

    Even if there is another life, let’s not waste the only one we’ve got

  • 802

    Those who claim there is another life are often those who waste the only one they have

  • 803

    Let’s not waste a moment, since each of us has only one life to live, only one life to create, and only one life to enjoy

  • 804

    Life is the art of discovering the next fascinating step that will put an end to our boredom

  • 805

    We invented the afterlife to avoid feeling bad about how much we mistreat the only life we do have - the one we are living in

  • 806

    Life is too short to be treated as if it is endless

  • 807

    Every time we tell the truth to ourselves our life trusts us enough to love us, while every time we lie to ourselves it fears us enough to hate us

  • 808

    We have made our future an emergency exit for our inability to enjoy the present

  • 809

    We fear the present because, by being real, it can only tell us the truth but we also love it because we know how much we need it, since it is the only time interval we can actually experience

  • 810

    The more we enjoy the present the less energy we waste thinking about the time intervals of our life, that we can not actually experience: our past and our future

  • 811

    Let’s stop making our lives fake and then wonder why we can’t find enough truth in them to convert into joy, creativity, and happiness

  • 812

    We avoid living many moments of our life with the intensity and love they deserve because we are afraid that they will reveal all the lies out of which we have created them

  • 813

    We are the revenge of our lies

  • 814

    We often do not live for the moment because we know that it is the proof of how little we deserve it

  • 815

    Often, those who never stop showing off how good they are at living their lives, are the ones who end up wasting them because they are so afraid of the truth about how incompetent they are at enjoying them

  • 816

    Afraid of themselves are those who, knowing how many lies they have used in the past to create who they are today, are afraid do something that will reveal how fake they are

  • 817

    The truth always comes back from the future to collect all the debts we owe it for lying to our past

  • 818

    People who try to live in the past or the future throw their present in the trash

  • 819

    We invent theories about life to avoid living our lives

  • 820

    I deserve my happiness only when I respect it enough not to try to deceive it

  • 821

    My happiness is not my birthright, but the outcome of my fight against everything that produces my sadness

  • 822

    We choose to live a boring life to avoid discovering how unable we are to make it exciting

  • 823

    Nobody ever reached their happiness by tiptoeing through life to avoid waking up reality

  • 824

    I will become happy when I stop underestimating my happiness and deifying my sadness

  • 825

    Let’s stop pretending how much we value our lives and let’s prove it by filling them with so much positivity and love that they end up being too be