• 1.

    I fear real guns less than I fear fake hearts.

  • 2.

    A good loneliness is better than a bad friendship.

  • 3.

    True misery is to be unable to explain to the person you became what kind of person you want to be.

  • 4.

    We survive on the tips our self-confidence leaves us.

  • 5.

    Most of all I loved the hearts of people, not for what they gave me, but for what they didn't demand to take.

  • 6.

    Honesty is not to hide the truth from others, while happiness is not to try to hide it from your own self.

  • 7.

    Relationships are very good at finding ways to end before their expiration date.

  • 8.

    The poor man's revenge is that happiness cannot be inherited.

  • 9.

    Every person is a miracle that has to learn how to enjoy the ordinary out of which he is made.

  • 10.

    Silence is not just the death of a word, it's also the death of a self-confidence.

  • 11.

    Man rarely produces truth unless he finds a way to profit from it.

  • 12.

    Defeat is the revenge of all the things we never learned.

  • 13.

    The moments in my life when I felt more confused and unhappy were those during which my mind decided to throw in the tra...

  • 14.

    To start a fight, you need two egos, to end it you need one truth.

  • 15.

    Sorrow is the poorest poverty.

  • 16.

    The revenge of a drop is that if you don't sweat today you will end up shedding many more tears later.

  • 17.

    Between birth and death there's a happiness that must live and a misery that must die.

  • 18.

    I trust the man, much less the men, not at all the crowd.

  • 19.

    On the way to your success don't expect to get to know yourself because you will probably end up meeting the person you ...

  • 20.

    People's stupidity is demonstrated by the intelligence of their own arrogance.

  • 21.

    Why is man always ready to attack any part of his he does not know how to defend ?

  • 22.

    Love is when you give everything to protect your loved one from your own sorrow.

  • 23.

    What a shame that most of the time we use our strengths to be more successful, not happier.

  • 24.

    A soul 's ugliness can be much more ambitious than her beauty.

  • 25.

    Modern-day Ulysses does not travel in wooden ships, but on ladders made of hundred dollar bills.

  • 26.

    Every man is the absolute owner of his defeats, while his victories he can only rent from his self-confidence.

  • 27.

    By healing someone else's wounds you end up healing your own.

  • 28.

    A half-open door has more questions than a closed one.

  • 29.

    Stop making love to tomorrow, thinking that you don't cheat on yesterday.

  • 30.

    As long as you create, you are being created.

  • 31.

    Neither wit nor beauty nor riches can conquer misery, only kindness can.

  • 32.

    Have you ever wondered why everytime you have a discussion with your character flaws you insist on just you talking, whi...

  • 33.

    When I learned how to calculate, I stopped counting. When I learned how to smile, I stopped being afraid. When I learned...

  • 34.

    There are no insensitive hearts, just hearts that don't find it profitable to feel anymore.

  • 35.

    Man is the only darkness that has found a way to survive amid its own light.

  • 36.

    A bed that can no longer fit two egos can only fit two sorrows and a separation.

  • 37.

    Honesties rarely reach the peaks their owners are trying to conquer.

  • 38.

    The toughest gladiators in the world are not the best soldiers but the worst lovers.

  • 39.

    Don't start throwing off your shackles before you realize what freedom means to you.

  • 40.

    A person is defined by the fog he has created inside him to avoid seeing the part of himself he fears the most.

  • 41.

    Make your luck out of the part of yourself you know better than any other, regardless of how small it is.

  • 42.

    We win to conquer the part of ourselves that scares us the most.

  • 43.

    Each time I hate someone, the only thing I manage to do is to toss another little piece of darkness not in his soul but ...

  • 44.

    When you stop hurting inside you will stop hating, and when you stop hating, you will stop shooting.

  • 45.

    Self-confidences know how to legalize whatever they can't change.

  • 46.

    Whatever you can't find the courage to define will soon attempt to define you.

  • 47.

    Why did I become so good over the years at building walls on my own, walls I made just high enough so that I'm unable to...

  • 48.

    Stop treating your mouth as if it's your truth's emergency exit.

  • 49.

    When a person learns how to talk to his defeats he has finally gathered in him everything he needs to succeed.

  • 50.

    I am the brilliant idiot who can answer almost anything except what my soul wants to ask me.

  • 51.

    We are born to belong to what we believe in.

  • 52.

    What are you other than a successful employee of your own words?

  • 53.

    The only thing that is stronger than what I fear is what I believe in.

  • 54.

    Don't cheat on your time with your rage.

  • 55.

    I am so happy I can't smile and think at the same time!

  • 56.

    Damn self-confidence of mine, too often in my life you manage to become the wall that begins every morning to rebuild it...

  • 57.

    Every self-awareness has at least one back door to be able to whisk away all that she cannot understand.

  • 58.

    The tallest, most impenetrable walls are actually completely invisible.

  • 59.

    You must first endure to walk to the end of a soul before you get to meet her beginning.

  • 60.

    Illusions are the gifts a man's ego gives to his stupidity.

  • 61.

    Every generation has its own white silences to defeat, its own black clouds to learn how to push to another part of the ...

  • 62.

    Have you ever felt as if you are the only slave your freedom wants to own?

  • 63.

    Who will protect you from your life's great achievements?

  • 64.

    Man is the black hole where nature dumps whatever she can't figure out herself.

  • 65.

    You became who you are because you didn't try harder to not become the person you always hated.

  • 66.

    There are no trips to your past that are free.

  • 67.

    A person cannot get through the fog in front of him if first he does not get past the fog he sees when he looks inside h...

  • 68.

    The good qualities of two people start a relationship and their shortcomings end it.

  • 69.

    I sometimes wonder if my mistakes have an expiration date.

  • 70.

    I thank all the people I met in my life who allowed me to feel their kindness. I am most grateful. Without knowing it, t...

  • 71.

    In every bullet, verbal or actual, that you fire, instead of gunpowder you have put inside it the piece of yourself that...

  • 72.

    Every time I had a fight in my life, I felt my logic leave after the first angry words were exchanged to go fetch a wast...

  • 73.

    A person in love with himself no longer derives pleasure from simply telling stories from his past and starts telling st...

  • 74.

    I can't tell you how many times I've called "random" any outcome in my life that wasn't convenient for me to start expla...

  • 75.

    A person who has many kinds of happiness to choose from usually ends up being miserable.

  • 76.

    I always hated myself when at the end of a dream I realized that my soul was the one that started it and my logic the on...

  • 77.

    How is it possible at the beginning of a relationship for me to have already sown the questions its last moment needs to...

  • 78.

    Many times a love affair between two people develops over time into a relationship between a castaway and a life-saver.

  • 79.

    It's incredible how much we want to know about everyone else and how little about ourselves.

  • 80.

    When your beauty thinks she's beautiful you have one problem in your hands. When your ugliness thinks she's beautiful yo...

  • 81.

    Why are we so afraid to leave our fingerprints on the handle of any door of our soul we must open?

  • 82.

    Your success achieved what she wanted. Have you?

  • 83.

    Man sips his shortcomings one by one to get his self-criticism drunk before he starts getting drunk himself.

  • 84.

    There are times when I think that my soul fits everything except what I want to put in her.

  • 85.

    What makes you think that your most effective lies lied only to others and not to you all these years?

  • 86.

    If you can't lead the life that you want, break her in half, pick the piece you understand better and start from scratch...

  • 87.

    A revolution begins the moment man decides to break free of his shackles and go where his soul already is.

  • 88.

    Choose your words carefully because the first ears that will hear what you say are your own.

  • 89.

    Maybe man's greatest enemy are those strengths of his he doesn't know he has.

  • 90.

    How I wish every time I meet a new person I could allow myself to feel before I begin to think.

  • 91.

    The reason why the older someone gets, the less he laughs, is that today his life's current operating manual has thousan...

  • 92.

    As you climb higher socially, the character strengths of the people you meet become more impressive but their shortcomin...

  • 93.

    The revenge of every animal on earth is that nature made man the only being more stupid than his greed.

  • 94.

    When a person doesn't know what to fear, he fears everything.

  • 95.

    Beware of anyone that comes to you bearing only answers.

  • 96.

    If I can't touch the love I have inside me, I won't feel the love that exists around me.

  • 97.

    I was always impressed by how good my character flaws are at keeping their promises.

  • 98.

    Is there a longer journey for someone than the quest to find himself in what he already is?

  • 99.

    If man could simply reset himself every time his arrogance made him believe that he's better than he actually is he woul...

  • 100.

    The first thing one should learn in school is how his sorrow works. The first thing someone should learn is not how to a...

  • 101.

    The world would be a beautiful place if it wasn't full off hearts in front of which their owners have placed No parking ...

  • 102.

    I was always impressed by how each wrong decision always knew how to use a brand new vocabulary to explain how right the...

  • 103.

    Your soul is all that you cannot explain to your lies.

  • 104.

    "If", the world's most expensive word...

  • 105.

    I drink all that I cannot experience. At the end of every gulp I create anything I cannot create, and at the end of ever...

  • 106.

    How great a man must feel who doesn't need to win in order to feel like a winner.

  • 107.

    ?n ego usually has two concurrent careers. One to help its owner win and another to quickly run and paint his new defeat...

  • 108.

    It's really incredible how much man needs something outside himself, another soul, to be able to communicate with his ow...

  • 109.

    When you are wearing armor you cannot fly, you can only crawl.

  • 110.

    Just before he dies a person starts digging to bury all those red traffic lights in his life that never wished to learn ...

  • 111.

    In life, logic is the brake and the soul is the gas.

  • 112.

    Sadness is all these questions you haven't found the courage yet to ask yourself.

  • 113.

    At noon everyday, unhappy people lift the lid of their trash cans to toss in the paradises they live in and happy ones t...

  • 114.

    Man is as clever as his smallest mistake and as weak as his smallest dream.

  • 115.

    Silences know how to ask the best questions.

  • 116.

    The moment two people decide to stay together they immediately start making a common abyss in which they will throw any ...

  • 117.

    Nothing rusts faster than lies.

  • 118.

    Every revolution starts with the demolition of a darkness.

  • 119.

    Whatever man doesn't know how to love with his soul he instantly makes his logic devise new ways to hate it.

  • 120.

    Before becoming an arsonist I want to learn how to be a really good firefighter.

  • 121.

    My beauty is made by my truth.

  • 122.

    Learn how to cry before you learn how to trust.

  • 123.

    Man is the prisoner of the one question he fears to ask himself.

  • 124.

    A desert ends where the first flower blooms.

  • 125.

    Each of us is a revolution. Each of us is a revolution of good Each of us is a revolution of good that must first defeat...

  • 126.

    The most beautiful dreams are built from the ashes of an ugly reality.

  • 127.

    It really bothers me that with every day I grow older I get better at understanding more and feeling less.

  • 128.

    When one doesn't trust his own truth any longer he can't trust anyone else's either.

  • 129.

    Why does my happiness have to be the favorite shooting range where my lies practice their aim?

  • 130.

    Bars are places where someone's stories start telling their own stories.

  • 131.

    Everyone knows what is right. However, only a few end up not choosing to do what's easy, because man is born to favor in...

  • 132.

    There are no sudden silences, only souls that just stopped trusting their own words.

  • 133.

    A sunray is born everytime a fist around the world finds the strength to throw away all the rage its owner has poured in...

  • 134.

    Happy is the man who doesn't ask anything of his mirror.

  • 135.

    You conquer the peak of a high mountain by agreeing to leave every last shortcoming of yours at its base.

  • 136.

    A lie is not the rape of a truth, but the rape of a dignity.

  • 137.

    How happy must the person be who sells to others nothing different than what he is selling to himself!

  • 138.

    Beauty has an expiration date, but truth doesn't.

  • 139.

    Grand salons are full of small souls.

  • 140.

    Winners are afraid. Losers are afraid of being afraid.

  • 141.

    Priceless are the conversations during which we find the courage to park our logic nearby so it won't bother us and let ...

  • 142.

    While searching for an answer, beware you don't unwittingly become the question.

  • 143.

    If you can't live happily with yourself, you can't be happy living with anybody else.

  • 144.

    Every person has an almost invisible on-off sensor right behind his ear that takes care of his happiness.

  • 145.

    Every fight sooner or later becomes a rape of kindness.

  • 146.

    What luck fears most of all is its own abundance.

  • 147.

    If you carefully observe someone who's drinking, you will often see his adolescence sitting next to him, drinking more t...

  • 148.

    Real beauty is to ask nothing of your image.

  • 149.

    There are words that pierce ears and silences that pierce consciences.

  • 150.

    Truths hate wearing condoms!

  • 151.

    Whenever someone sets a new goal in his life, a new peak to climb, soon after he starts building inside him the abyss he...

  • 152.

    Man's enthusiasm is the part of God He left in him.

  • 153.

    A healthy relationship is one during which, while trying to irritate your partner as little as possible, you don't end u...

  • 154.

    We do all we can to run as far away as possible from our own imperfections, so that we can fall in love with the imperfe...

  • 155.

    Each person is a lottery ticket. We are all stubs of our luck.

  • 156.

    Successful is someone whose logic is stronger than his soul, while happy is someone for whom the opposite applies.

  • 157.

    The only one who can protect the world around me from the world inside me is my own kindness.

  • 158.

    I prefer to be surrounded by true ugliness rather than false beauty.

  • 159.

    A smart person uses his intelligence to become successful, while a brilliant one uses it to become happy.

  • 160.

    The world would be a better place if only we knew how to protect our soul's beauty from our mind's ugliness...

  • 161.

    I really respect someone I argue with when at the end of the fight he turns back, thrusts both his hands in his heart an...

  • 162.

    Man is created by the mistakes he has avoided making.

  • 163.

    Someone who can't find his truth, no matter how hard he looks inside him, is simply a liar. Someone who sees the truth i...

  • 164.

    I have to clean my shoes more often when I walk through magnificent marble floored salons than when I cross the dirtiest...

  • 165.

    The definition of a miserable man is one who feels the need to start repairing his future before he even begins to live ...

  • 166.

    To save himself from his self-criticism, man invented the word almost.

  • 167.

    An old double bed is made of dreams whose expiration date has passed, of promises that no longer remember what they must...

  • 168.

    Our self-awareness begins where our strongest self-delusion ends.

  • 169.

    I always thought that a couple is two people who never stop picking up all those "me" they have thrown on the floor of t...

  • 170.

    We respect the strength of our loved one, but it is his or her weakness we fall in love with.

  • 171.

    A perfect relationship between two people is born the moment they decide that it no longer needs to be perfect for them ...

  • 172.

    Love is to be able to defeat the weaknesses of the person you love without ending up defeating her.

  • 173.

    Happy is the man that has love in him. Ecstatic is the man that knows how to take his love out of his heart and fill the...

  • 174.

    Shortcomings start fights and character strengths end them

  • 175.

    The biggest fear man has is that he will never get to meet the meaning of his life.

  • 176.

    A love is great when, listening to your soul describing it, even your own mind doesn't dare add a single word to whateve...

  • 177.

    No matter how much he harms others, throughout his life man doesn't harm anyone more than his heart.

  • 178.

    Success often entails more enslavement than any other outcome.

  • 179.

    The definition of a happy life is when someone can explain to another who he really is without having to resort to a sin...

  • 180.

    Kindness stars in the first day of a relationship and malice in the last one.

  • 181.

    Sorrow is those questions you are afraid to ask the meaning of your life.

  • 182.

    The revenge of our brain is that we often realize what we wanted to say only after we've stopped talking.

  • 183.

    Have you ever felt as if you're a machine producing sorrow whose keys you've lost and can't turn it off?

  • 184.

    Your happiness lives a kindness away from you.

  • 185.

    The biggest battles are not fought on some battlefield between two warring armies, but on double beds on which two insec...

  • 186.

    Every relationship is a game of craps in which the dice are thrown by the worst selves of the two lovers.

  • 187.

    Unable to become someone else, I became myself.

  • 188.

    The world has too much beauty in it for me to keep staring at my ugliness.

  • 189.

    Don't ever cross the doorstep of a relationship in which you start searching for an emergency exit from the first moment...

  • 190.

    Every game has two halves, defeats demand to have more.

  • 191.

    Is it worth living in a world where the success of the person next to you automatically becomes your own failure?

  • 192.

    Nature doesn't know how to lie and that's why we all feel so much better and peaceful every time we leave behind what we...

  • 193.

    The sole truth you must reveal to the person you love is not the one you owe her or him, but the one you owe yourself.

  • 194.

    Great is the man who can live between his soul and his brain without getting squashed by what each one wants from him.

  • 195.

    The worst ugliness we have in us is born the moment when the smartest side of our logic comes into contact with the most...

  • 196.

    No matter what we and up doing in life, our biggest challenge is to find the right amount of soul and logic we must use ...

  • 197.

    The secret of failure is to make some of the most important decisions in one's life under the influence of extreme pessi...

  • 198.

    A smart man can stand holding many truths in his hands at the same time. A happy man only one.

  • 199.

    Every double bed whose owners want to hide more than one truth in it soon turns into two single jail cells.

  • 200.

    I would be a much better person if I didn't need a mirror to figure out what I look like.

  • 201.

    Man is happy when he doesn't feel the need to ask all he owns if it really belongs to him, sad when he feels he needs mo...

  • 202.

    Ask your successes to tell you how truly successful you are and your failures how happy you can be.

  • 203.

    Whether we like it or not, we fill the world around us with what we have inside us. If you have kindness in you, you'll ...

  • 204.

    A rich person who cannot translate his money into true happiness for himself and others doesn't deserve to be rich.

  • 205.

    There is no rage that won't turn against its owner once it's done smashing, uprooting, humiliating and destroying anythi...

  • 206.

    We grow up believing in our success, until one day a major defeat makes us realize that we believe even more in our fail...

  • 207.

    Man will become happy the moment he believes that he has equal rights with his misery.

  • 208.

    Loneliness is the gold medal arrogance awards her owner.

  • 209.

    The size of people's homes might differ, but the size of the paradise they all hope someday to get into is the same for ...

  • 210.

    Happiness begins where apathy ends.

  • 211.

    A draw is the worst kind of defeat.

  • 212.

    Though man is born a winner, he loses his inclination to win when he realizes how much more comfortably he can live in h...

  • 213.

    Every finish line I ever reached in my life didn't let me cross it unless I first answered the question I was afraid to ...

  • 214.

    Any man, before starting a fight with someone else, has already begun fighting with himself.

  • 215.

    Many don't run to succeed, but to get away from their failure.

  • 216.

    Our strength stems from the way we manage our weaknesses.

  • 217.

    I haven't betrayed anyone in my life as much as I have betrayed my good qualities.

  • 218.

    Every starting line I stepped on was an indictment brought against me. Every finish line was an exoneration.

  • 219.

    We underestimate our normality, we discount our daily lives. We belittle abundance and glorify scarcity. We don't respec...

  • 220.

    Bars are places where people go to apologize to their truth for everything they are about to do to her.

  • 221.

    If you try to find your self-respect in your next victory you will become a successful sad man.

  • 222.

    Man, unfortunately, is less smart than his worst self and less capable than his best one.

  • 223.

    Every morning, we wed again the life we live, trying to convince ourselves that we are no longer in love with the life w...

  • 224.

    Be the exclamation point of your life, instead of its question mark.

  • 225.

    No one can know himself if he keeps on living in the center of his character, never attempting to visit its outer limits...

  • 226.

    There's no human being who can keep both his logic and his happiness satisfied at the same time. A successful person pre...

  • 227.

    Winners go through life with a bucket of green paint and, using their most pessimistic thought instead of a brush, paint...

  • 228.

    The only protection against your sorrow is to reach a point of knowing yourself better than she does.

  • 229.

    I cannot win unless I first defeat the part of my character that wants me to lose.

  • 230.

    Every heart lives chained to those shortcomings of her owner which he always thought were his good qualities.

  • 231.

    Optimists always have in them one more paradise than they can sustain, while pessimists have one more hell than they nee...

  • 232.

    Man starts believing in his words only when he stops being in love with them.

  • 233.

    No product is consumed more every day around the world than false hopes.

  • 234.

    Happiness is not a zero-sum game. It's not like so many things we do in life, which sooner or later become games, at the...

  • 235.

    History may flirt with all those who wish to write it, but in the end it will go to bed with the truth.

  • 236.

    Prayer is man's effort to touch again the part of his character he ended up hiding in God, because he was so afraid of i...

  • 237.

    Whatever words man no longer knows how to hide in his soul, he reveals in his tears.

  • 238.

    Regardless of which major opponent you come across in your life, no matter how smart, capable or strong, you should know...

  • 239.

    No one has finished writing the operating instructions for himself.

  • 240.

    The definition of a smart person is one who doesn't let his sorrow live in between the happy moments of his life without...

  • 241.

    Your misery might be all those changes for the better you never dared to make in your life.

  • 242.

    Loneliness is to prefer being alone with the questions of your own happiness rather than the questions of someone else's...

  • 243.

    Use "me" to succeed and "we" to enjoy your success.

  • 244.

    Even the ugliest person has so much beauty in him he could not erase it all, no matter how hard he tried.

  • 245.

    My biggest insecurity always demanded to hold the map showing the way to my happiness.

  • 246.

    Glorious are those moments when one decides to stand between his rage and the people he loves, so it won't spill out of ...

  • 247.

    When two people fight, after a while one's truth starts looking like the other's lies.

  • 248.

    There is much happiness in humility because brightness attracts all the wrong people. It's no surprise that in the wild,...

  • 249.

    Misery is when you let your logic tell you what to feel and failure is when you let your soul tell you what to think.

  • 250.

    The moment you forget how to count, you will experience a feeling of joy you never felt before. Go back to your past and...

  • 251.

    Help make the world around you so emotionally honest it becomes beautiful.

  • 252.

    No matter how smart you are, or how emotionally flexible, you can never escape your conscience.

  • 253.

    Hells always found a way in my life to be more real than paradises.

  • 254.

    Sorrow is born the moment you stop taking your joy seriously.

  • 255.

    If you want to find out who you are, give your life's measuring tape to your beliefs, so they can measure your soul from...

  • 256.

    In every question I pose to nature I have carefully wrapped a question I ought to ask myself.

  • 257.

    Often man is forced to declare war on others to avoid declaring war on his own shortcomings.

  • 258.

    Don't let anyone produce your sorrow the way they want. When you have good reason to be miserable, the least you can do ...

  • 259.

    If happiness had rules it would be miserable.

  • 260.

    Whenever you are talking about someone else, after a while you start talking about yourself.

  • 261.

    I always felt that I can only rent my joy, though I am always forced to buy my sorrow.

  • 262.

    I know much about so many and very little about my own self.

  • 263.

    Victory is not born with the last strike you inflict on your opponent, it is born in your first glance into the part of ...

  • 264.

    The moments when man can bear to look his soul in the eyes, without being forced by shame to lower his gaze, give birth ...

  • 265.

    I no longer fear what I cannot understand, I fear what I am afraid to realize.

  • 266.

    You are more in danger of your own meanness than the meanness of others.

  • 267.

    Darknesses are not produced by the absence of light, but by the absence of courage.

  • 268.

    I always made my sorrow out of those parts of my joy I didn't know how to make them work.

  • 269.

    Use the apathy of your logic to solve your problems and then the passion of your soul to enjoy life after that.

  • 270.

    Let your smile define you.

  • 271.

    My arrogance taught me how to condemn and my mediocrity how to forgive.

  • 272.

    Man is the only living being on Earth that keeps searching for happiness even after having found it.

  • 273.

    You can tell a man is happy from the way he describes his defeats. You can tell he's miserable from the way he describes...

  • 274.

    Cheating is when you try to make your emotions fool others on your behalf. Misery is when your own emotions demand to ha...

  • 275.

    Man is a field seeded by his soul and reaped by his logic.

  • 276.

    Lies are not born in the mouths of those who tell them but in the ears of those who believe them.

  • 277.

    Love is the art of the unspoken word.

  • 278.

    Try to create a tomorrow out of all that you didn't manage to become yesterday.

  • 279.

    The meaning of our life is the death of our sorrow.

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