Two truths and a wall in between

At the edge of a verdant valley, the ruins of a dilapidated farmhouse lie in the no man’s land between two warring armies that have been mercilessly fighting each other for some months now. The farmhouse has been completely wrecked, except for a wall right in the middle, the only thing left standing. Two wounded soldiers, cut off from their comrades, a long way from the logic that brought them to where they are and coming from almost diametrically opposed sides of the valley, barely reach the farmhouse seeking shelter, each one on a different side of the wall. Without noticing each other’s presence, they both lie down amid the ruins.

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Some Quotes from the Book

  1. What makes you think that your most effective lies lied only to others and not to you all these years?, p. 121
  2. How I wish every time I meet a new person I could allow myself to feel before I begin to think., p. 23
  3. If man could simply reset himself every time his arrogance made him believe that he's better than he actually is he wouldn't need great defeats to do it for him., p. 32
  4. I was always impressed by how each wrong decision always knew how to use a brand new vocabulary to explain how right the mistake it intends to make actually is., p. 43
  5. Your soul is all that you cannot explain to your lies., p. 44
  6. "If", the world's most expensive word... , p. 62
  7. How great a man must feel who doesn't need to win in order to feel like a winner., p. 79
  8. ?n ego usually has two concurrent careers. One to help its owner win and another to quickly run and paint his new defeats with the most optimistic colors it can come up with by mixing the end of a conscience with the beginning of a truth., p. 81
  9. It's really incredible how much man needs something outside himself, another soul, to be able to communicate with his own., p. 98
  10. When you are wearing armor you cannot fly, you can only crawl., p. 103
  11. Just before he dies a person starts digging to bury all those red traffic lights in his life that never wished to learn how to turn green., p. 121
  12. Sadness is all these questions you haven't found the courage yet to ask yourself., p. 123
  13. A lie is not the rape of a truth, but the rape of a dignity., p. 126
  14. Man's enthusiasm is the part of God He left in him., p. 77
  15. Shortcomings start fights and character strengths end them , p. 36
  16. Often man is forced to declare war on others to avoid declaring war on his own shortcomings., p. 35

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