What do you call the lie that wants to tell the truth? What do you call the hesitation that wants to dare? I can’t remember their names but I know they are the ones that dim the lights in the room every time I undo the buttons of my soul and open my shirt to reveal my chest to my authenticity. Why do I feel that I betrayed everything I have forgotten? How I became the brilliant idiot who can answer almost anything except for what my soul wants to ask me? The same way I managed for years at the end of every evening stealing what my cleverness had already stolen from me during that day. Could this be the way loneliness ends up stealing the “1” from the uniqueness of her owner? Maybe it’s time I realize that a soul’s ugliness can be much more ambitious than her beauty.

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Some Quotes from the Book

  1. I fear real guns less than I fear fake hearts., p. 191
  2. Most of all I loved the hearts of people, not for what they gave me, but for what they didn't demand to take., p. 198
  3. To start a fight, you need two egos, to end it you need one truth., p. 158
  4. I trust the man, much less the men, not at all the crowd., p. 232
  5. People's stupidity is demonstrated by the intelligence of their own arrogance., p. 214
  6. Why is man always ready to attack any part of his he does not know how to defend ?, p. 224
  7. A soul 's ugliness can be much more ambitious than her beauty., p. 160
  8. Modern-day Ulysses does not travel in wooden ships, but on ladders made of hundred dollar bills., p. 156
  9. Neither wit nor beauty nor riches can conquer misery, only kindness can., p. 226
  10. Self-confidences know how to legalize whatever they can't change. , p. 151
  11. Stop treating your mouth as if it's your truth's emergency exit., p. 38
  12. When a person learns how to talk to his defeats he has finally gathered in him everything he needs to succeed., p. 36
  13. I am the brilliant idiot who can answer almost anything except what my soul wants to ask me., p. 42
  14. We are born to belong to what we believe in. , p. 104
  15. What are you other than a successful employee of your own words?, p. 118
  16. The only thing that is stronger than what I fear is what I believe in., p. 123
  17. Don't cheat on your time with your rage., p. 126
  18. I am so happy I can't smile and think at the same time!, p. 191
  19. I was always impressed by how good my character flaws are at keeping their promises., p. 66
  20. Nothing rusts faster than lies., p. 49
  21. Every revolution starts with the demolition of a darkness., p. 192
  22. Learn how to cry before you learn how to trust., p. 32
  23. The only one who can protect the world around me from the world inside me is my own kindness., p. 226
  24. Unable to become someone else, I became myself., p. 202
  25. Any man, before starting a fight with someone else, has already begun fighting with himself., p. 171
  26. If happiness had rules it would be miserable., p. 44

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