In a duel with his self-confidence Paul is about to find out that he cannot quarrel with his future without quarreling with his favorite version of his own past as well, the one his self-confidence has deliberately forgotten in the most visible spot of his memory. You see, silence is not just the death of a word, it's also the death of a self-confidence. Maybe this is why there are no insensitive hearts, just hearts that don't find it profitable anymore to feel. Are illusions the gifts a man's ego gives to his stupidity? Most possibly because rich is the person who cannot turn on the lights in that room of his mind where his poverty permanently lives. By doing everything to forget that he has appointed himself the favorite servant of the steepest cliffs that live inside him, the ones that swallow up economy-class truths and spit out first-class ambiguities, Paul will soon discover that he is the gratuity he gives his self-awareness so she will let him live another day without asking him too many questions.

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Some Quotes from the Book

  1. Silence is not just the death of a word, it's also the death of a self-confidence., p. 80
  2. On the way to your success don't expect to get to know yourself because you will probably end up meeting the person you would never want to become., p. 14
  3. Every man is the absolute owner of his defeats, while his victories he can only rent from his self-confidence., p. 12
  4. A half-open door has more questions than a closed one., p. 52
  5. Stop making love to tomorrow, thinking that you don't cheat on yesterday., p. 66
  6. As long as you create, you are being created., p. 70
  7. Have you ever wondered why everytime you have a discussion with your character flaws you insist on just you talking, while everytime you converse with your good qualities you only want to listen?, p. 81
  8. When I learned how to calculate, I stopped counting. When I learned how to smile, I stopped being afraid. When I learned how to understand what my cowardice wants from me, I stopped retreating. , p. 91
  9. There are no insensitive hearts, just hearts that don't find it profitable to feel anymore., p. 92
  10. Man is the only darkness that has found a way to survive amid its own light., p. 98
  11. Don't start throwing off your shackles before you realize what freedom means to you., p. 100
  12. Damn self-confidence of mine, too often in my life you manage to become the wall that begins every morning to rebuild itself between me and my happiness., p. 7
  13. Every self-awareness has at least one back door to be able to whisk away all that she cannot understand., p. 17
  14. The tallest, most impenetrable walls are actually completely invisible., p. 48
  15. You must first endure to walk to the end of a soul before you get to meet her beginning., p. 83
  16. Illusions are the gifts a man's ego gives to his stupidity., p. 104
  17. Man is created by the mistakes he has avoided making., p. 15
  18. Try to create a tomorrow out of all that you didn't manage to become yesterday., p. 85

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