Smaller than zero and larger than infinity

To those who are trying everyday to save their happiness from the attacks of their most powerful thought

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Some Quotes from the Book

  1. What a shame that most of the time we use our strengths to be more successful, not happier., p. 72
  2. By healing someone else's wounds you end up healing your own., p. 83
  3. The world would be a beautiful place if it wasn't full off hearts in front of which their owners have placed No parking signs., p. 129
  4. I drink all that I cannot experience. At the end of every gulp I create anything I cannot create, and at the end of every glass I defeat whoever I cannot defeat. And if I manage to drink even more, I can even defeat my conscience., p. 57
  5. Bars are places where someone's stories start telling their own stories., p. 41
  6. Happy is the man who doesn't ask anything of his mirror., p. 45
  7. Priceless are the conversations during which we find the courage to park our logic nearby so it won't bother us and let our soul make us who we truly are, by taking us to where we would already be, if only we were smarter., p. 9
  8. While searching for an answer, beware you don't unwittingly become the question., p. 21
  9. If you can't live happily with yourself, you can't be happy living with anybody else., p. 26
  10. Every person has an almost invisible on-off sensor right behind his ear that takes care of his happiness., p. 30
  11. Every fight sooner or later becomes a rape of kindness., p. 32
  12. If you carefully observe someone who's drinking, you will often see his adolescence sitting next to him, drinking more than he does., p. 42
  13. Real beauty is to ask nothing of your image., p. 45
  14. Truths hate wearing condoms!, p. 51
  15. A healthy relationship is one during which, while trying to irritate your partner as little as possible, you don't end up irritating your own self even more., p. 60
  16. We do all we can to run as far away as possible from our own imperfections, so that we can fall in love with the imperfections of others!, p. 65
  17. Each person is a lottery ticket. We are all stubs of our luck., p. 115
  18. Successful is someone whose logic is stronger than his soul, while happy is someone for whom the opposite applies., p. 65
  19. I prefer to be surrounded by true ugliness rather than false beauty., p. 74
  20. A smart person uses his intelligence to become successful, while a brilliant one uses it to become happy., p. 78
  21. The world would be a better place if only we knew how to protect our soul's beauty from our mind's ugliness..., p. 79
  22. I really respect someone I argue with when at the end of the fight he turns back, thrusts both his hands in his heart and puts before me any words of his he decided not to use during our argument to wound me more than was necessary!, p. 82
  23. Someone who can't find his truth, no matter how hard he looks inside him, is simply a liar. Someone who sees the truth inside him, but decides to lie, is a disgusting human being., p. 86
  24. The definition of a miserable man is one who feels the need to start repairing his future before he even begins to live it., p. 87
  25. To save himself from his self-criticism, man invented the word almost., p. 103
  26. An old double bed is made of dreams whose expiration date has passed, of promises that no longer remember what they must do to help the relationship take a step forward, and of egos that with each passing day become better at knowing what they must do to take it a step backward., p. 109
  27. I always thought that a couple is two people who never stop picking up all those "me" they have thrown on the floor of their lives and start hugging them until the "m" reverses and starts looking more like a "w". , p. 111
  28. We respect the strength of our loved one, but it is his or her weakness we fall in love with., p. 65
  29. A perfect relationship between two people is born the moment they decide that it no longer needs to be perfect for them to be happy., p. 118
  30. Love is to be able to defeat the weaknesses of the person you love without ending up defeating her., p. 120
  31. Happy is the man that has love in him. Ecstatic is the man that knows how to take his love out of his heart and fill the world around him with it., p. 128
  32. The biggest fear man has is that he will never get to meet the meaning of his life., p. 130
  33. A love is great when, listening to your soul describing it, even your own mind doesn't dare add a single word to whatever you say., p. 132
  34. No matter how much he harms others, throughout his life man doesn't harm anyone more than his heart., p. 134
  35. A smart man can stand holding many truths in his hands at the same time. A happy man only one., p. 87
  36. Every double bed whose owners want to hide more than one truth in it soon turns into two single jail cells., p. 110
  37. Bars are places where people go to apologize to their truth for everything they are about to do to her., p. 54

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