The story of three couples who are about to discover that a marriage's happiness has many entrances but only one emergency exit. Living a life immersed in the questions of relationships that never cared to learn in what order to write their pages, they ended up embracing the part of the other's logic they understood best and the part of their own silence they understood least. The air between them is ready to take into its arms those endless hours of their lives they covered in silence all that they never found the courage to cover in words. It really wants to turn it into the song of six hearts that hand-in-hand will lay siege to the part of their truth they seek from their common future. You see, when a person is no longer able to own the truth today offers him, he convinces himself that it's time to fell in love with the myth tomorrow will eagerly supply him with.

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Some Quotes from the Book

  1. The moments in my life when I felt more confused and unhappy were those during which my mind decided to throw in the trash whatever my soul considered her most valuable possession. , p. 53
  2. The revenge of a drop is that if you don't sweat today you will end up shedding many more tears later., p. 39
  3. Love is when you give everything to protect your loved one from your own sorrow., p. 99
  4. A bed that can no longer fit two egos can only fit two sorrows and a separation., p. 66
  5. Honesties rarely reach the peaks their owners are trying to conquer., p. 104
  6. Every generation has its own white silences to defeat, its own black clouds to learn how to push to another part of the sky before it pronounces it blue., p. 37
  7. Have you ever felt as if you are the only slave your freedom wants to own?, p. 50
  8. Who will protect you from your life's great achievements?, p. 79
  9. You became who you are because you didn't try harder to not become the person you always hated., p. 84
  10. There are no trips to your past that are free., p. 105
  11. Your success achieved what she wanted. Have you?, p. 79
  12. I know much about so many and very little about my own self., p. 31
  13. I no longer fear what I cannot understand, I fear what I am afraid to realize., p. 95

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