Collection of Poems: For those who measure time in smiles, not minutes. For those who let art blaze new trails in their soul so they can reach those parts of hers they don’t own yet
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Quotes from the Book

  1. Relationships are very good at finding ways to end before their expiration date., p. 78
  2. Defeat is the revenge of all the things we never learned., p. 155
  3. A revolution begins the moment man decides to break free of his shackles and go where his soul already is., p. 90
  4. Is there a longer journey for someone than the quest to find himself in what he already is?, p. 54
  5. In life, logic is the brake and the soul is the gas., p. 72
  6. Man is as clever as his smallest mistake and as weak as his smallest dream., p. 23
  7. Silences know how to ask the best questions., p. 35
  8. The moment two people decide to stay together they immediately start making a common abyss in which they will throw any part of themselves they never understood how it works., p. 35
  9. Whatever man doesn’t know how to love with his soul he instantly makes his logic devise new ways to hate it., p. 57
  10. Before becoming an arsonist I want to learn how to be a really good firefighter., p. 70
  11. My beauty is made by my truth., p. 73
  12. Man is the prisoner of the one question he fears to ask himself., p. 85
  13. Each of us is a revolution. Each of us is a revolution of good Each of us is a revolution of good that must first defeat the evil inside him before he starts fighting the evil around him., p. 90
  14. The most beautiful dreams are built from the ashes of an ugly reality., p. 90
  15. It really bothers me that with every day I grow older I get better at understanding more and feeling less., p. 100
  16. When one doesn’t trust his own truth any longer he can’t trust anyone else’s either., p. 104
  17. Why does my happiness have to be the favorite shooting range where my lies practice their aim?, p. 134
  18. There are no sudden silences, only souls that just stopped trusting their own words., p. 161
  19. How happy must the person be who sells to others nothing different than what he is selling to himself!, p. 223
  20. Beauty has an expiration date, but truth doesn’t., p. 223
  21. What luck fears most of all is its own abundance., p. 135
  22. There are words that pierce ears and silences that pierce consciences., p. 193
  23. Man starts believing in his words only when he stops being in love with them., p. 200
  24. Lies are not born in the mouths of those who tell them but in the ears of those who believe them., p. 220
  25. Love is the art of the unspoken word., p. 174

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