Basking in the wrong kind of sunshine

A man and his Conscience are having a conversation about how to handle what they don't know how to fear, how not to pollute their world by letting their own silences live forever in them, how not to let everything that makes them sad make them also uglier than they are. As the conversation progresses, they move into such subjects as how many walls must they construct in order to become more visible to their own ambiguity, how many bad checks must they write to each other to be happier, how many sentimental fogs must they cross together before they feel they don't have to move forward anymore. After all, honesty is not to hide the truth from others, while happiness is not to try to hide it from one's own self.

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Some Quotes from the Book

  1. True misery is to be unable to explain to the person you became what kind of person you want to be., p. 79
  2. Honesty is not to hide the truth from others, while happiness is not to try to hide it from your own self., p. 96
  3. A person is defined by the fog he has created inside him to avoid seeing the part of himself he fears the most., p. 14
  4. Make your luck out of the part of yourself you know better than any other, regardless of how small it is., p. 16
  5. Each time I hate someone, the only thing I manage to do is to toss another little piece of darkness not in his soul but into mine., p. 39
  6. When you stop hurting inside you will stop hating, and when you stop hating, you will stop shooting., p. 42
  7. Whatever you can't find the courage to define will soon attempt to define you., p. 92
  8. A person cannot get through the fog in front of him if first he does not get past the fog he sees when he looks inside him., p. 14
  9. I sometimes wonder if my mistakes have an expiration date., p. 20
  10. I thank all the people I met in my life who allowed me to feel their kindness. I am most grateful. Without knowing it, they did me a great favor, helping me, even for a short time, to discover what mine looked like!, p. 39
  11. In every bullet, verbal or actual, that you fire, instead of gunpowder you have put inside it the piece of yourself that hurts most of all at that moment., p. 42
  12. It's incredible how much we want to know about everyone else and how little about ourselves., p. 18
  13. Darknesses are not produced by the absence of light, but by the absence of courage., p. 78

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