You put up the dice and I' ll put up the love (Living between a hug and a shove)

If you cannot translate into smiles everything you have achieved until now, lift the lid of your trash can, toss it all in and, before you close it, throw in the part of your logic that gave birth to it.

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Some Quotes from the Book

  1. Man rarely produces truth unless he finds a way to profit from it., p. 72
  2. The toughest gladiators in the world are not the best soldiers but the worst lovers., p. 52
  3. Grand salons are full of small souls., p. 79
  4. I have to clean my shoes more often when I walk through magnificent marble floored salons than when I cross the dirtiest streets., p. 79
  5. Our self-awareness begins where our strongest self-delusion ends., p. 88
  6. Success often entails more enslavement than any other outcome., p. 16
  7. The definition of a happy life is when someone can explain to another who he really is without having to resort to a single lie., p. 18
  8. Kindness stars in the first day of a relationship and malice in the last one., p. 43
  9. The revenge of our brain is that we often realize what we wanted to say only after we've stopped talking., p. 33
  10. Have you ever felt as if you're a machine producing sorrow whose keys you've lost and can't turn it off?, p. 34
  11. The biggest battles are not fought on some battlefield between two warring armies, but on double beds on which two insecurities fight to determine which one is better at being weaker. , p. 49
  12. Every relationship is a game of craps in which the dice are thrown by the worst selves of the two lovers., p. 52
  13. The world has too much beauty in it for me to keep staring at my ugliness., p. 55
  14. Don't ever cross the doorstep of a relationship in which you start searching for an emergency exit from the first moment. , p. 56
  15. Every game has two halves, defeats demand to have more., p. 57
  16. Is it worth living in a world where the success of the person next to you automatically becomes your own failure?, p. 67
  17. Nature doesn't know how to lie and that's why we all feel so much better and peaceful every time we leave behind what we have created ourselves and come to experience what it has created., p. 71
  18. The sole truth you must reveal to the person you love is not the one you owe her or him, but the one you owe yourself., p. 72
  19. Great is the man who can live between his soul and his brain without getting squashed by what each one wants from him., p. 77
  20. The worst ugliness we have in us is born the moment when the smartest side of our logic comes into contact with the most anguished side of our soul., p. 77
  21. No matter what we and up doing in life, our biggest challenge is to find the right amount of soul and logic we must use every moment to keep on feeling both successful and happy. , p. 78
  22. The secret of failure is to make some of the most important decisions in one's life under the influence of extreme pessimism or extreme optimism, extreme fear or extreme courage., p. 78
  23. I would be a much better person if I didn't need a mirror to figure out what I look like., p. 89
  24. Man is happy when he doesn't feel the need to ask all he owns if it really belongs to him, sad when he feels he needs more and miserable when he realizes that he does not deserve to have more., p. 92
  25. Ask your successes to tell you how truly successful you are and your failures how happy you can be., p. 93
  26. Whether we like it or not, we fill the world around us with what we have inside us. If you have kindness in you, you'll fill the world with beauty and happiness. If you have misery in you, you'll fill it with meanness, making the world a worse place than it was before you came into contact with it., p. 94
  27. A rich person who cannot translate his money into true happiness for himself and others doesn't deserve to be rich., p. 95
  28. There is no rage that won't turn against its owner once it's done smashing, uprooting, humiliating and destroying anything it finds around it., p. 97
  29. We grow up believing in our success, until one day a major defeat makes us realize that we believe even more in our failure., p. 98
  30. Man will become happy the moment he believes that he has equal rights with his misery., p. 99
  31. Loneliness is the gold medal arrogance awards her owner., p. 99
  32. The size of people's homes might differ, but the size of the paradise they all hope someday to get into is the same for everyone., p. 113
  33. The definition of a smart person is one who doesn't let his sorrow live in between the happy moments of his life without good reason., p. 22
  34. When two people fight, after a while one's truth starts looking like the other's lies., p. 50
  35. My arrogance taught me how to condemn and my mediocrity how to forgive., p. 21
  36. You can tell a man is happy from the way he describes his defeats. You can tell he's miserable from the way he describes his triumphs., p. 19

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