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(Living between the questions of the abyss and the answers of the summit).To those who refuse to live in a world where minds rule and hearts have hidden inside everything they can’t feel.
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  1. We survive on the tips our self-confidence leaves us., p. 18
  2. Every person is a miracle that has to learn how to enjoy the ordinary out of which he is made., p. 113
  3. We win to conquer the part of ourselves that scares us the most., p. 38
  4. Winners are afraid. Losers are afraid of being afraid., p. 70
  5. Whenever someone sets a new goal in his life, a new peak to climb, soon after he starts building inside him the abyss he will have to cross to conquer it., p. 57
  6. Happiness begins where apathy ends. , p. 18
  7. A draw is the worst kind of defeat., p. 24
  8. Though man is born a winner, he loses his inclination to win when he realizes how much more comfortably he can live in his draws., p. 24
  9. Every finish line I ever reached in my life didn’t let me cross it unless I first answered the question I was afraid to ask myself more than any other., p. 36
  10. Many don’t run to succeed, but to get away from their failure., p. 39
  11. Our strength stems from the way we manage our weaknesses. , p. 42
  12. I haven’t betrayed anyone in my life as much as I have betrayed my good qualities., p. 42
  13. Every starting line I stepped on was an indictment brought against me. Every finish line was an exoneration., p. 43
  14. We underestimate our normality, we discount our daily lives. We belittle abundance and glorify scarcity. We don’t respect what we have plenty of and we idolize anything we cannot easily get our hands on. And when we cannot have it at all, we worship it. , p. 54
  15. If you try to find your self-respect in your next victory you will become a successful sad man., p. 59
  16. Man, unfortunately, is less smart than his worst self and less capable than his best one. , p. 60
  17. Every morning, we wed again the life we live, trying to convince ourselves that we are no longer in love with the life we should be living., p. 64
  18. Be the exclamation point of your life, instead of its question mark., p. 66
  19. No one can know himself if he keeps on living in the center of his character, never attempting to visit its outer limits, where the best and worst in him live. Can a tourist get to know a city by only visiting its central square?, p. 67
  20. There’s no human being who can keep both his logic and his happiness satisfied at the same time. A successful person prefers to satisfy his logic, but someone who really understands what success is, prefers to satisfy his happiness. , p. 67
  21. Winners go through life with a bucket of green paint and, using their most pessimistic thought instead of a brush, paint every red light they see in front of them green. Losers do the opposite., p. 68
  22. I cannot win unless I first defeat the part of my character that wants me to lose., p. 92
  23. Every heart lives chained to those shortcomings of her owner which he always thought were his good qualities., p. 106
  24. Optimists always have in them one more paradise than they can sustain, while pessimists have one more hell than they need. , p. 112
  25. In every question I pose to nature I have carefully wrapped a question I ought to ask myself., p. 91

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