April fifth (Why sorrow is the poorest poverty)

Man is the only living being on Earth that keeps searching for happiness even after having found it.

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  1. The poor man's revenge is that happiness cannot be inherited., p. 75
  2. Sorrow is the poorest poverty., p. 81
  3. Between birth and death there's a happiness that must live and a misery that must die., p. 93
  4. The revenge of every animal on earth is that nature made man the only being more stupid than his greed., p. 96
  5. The first thing one should learn in school is how his sorrow works. The first thing someone should learn is not how to add numbers but how to subtract sorrows., p. 71
  6. At noon everyday, unhappy people lift the lid of their trash cans to toss in the paradises they live in and happy ones the hells they are experiencing., p. 116
  7. Everyone knows what is right. However, only a few end up not choosing to do what's easy, because man is born to favor instant comfort over everlasting gain., p. 117
  8. A sunray is born everytime a fist around the world finds the strength to throw away all the rage its owner has poured in it and transforms itself into a simple handshake., p. 115
  9. You conquer the peak of a high mountain by agreeing to leave every last shortcoming of yours at its base., p. 108
  10. Sorrow is those questions you are afraid to ask the meaning of your life., p. 33
  11. Your happiness lives a kindness away from you., p. 108
  12. The only protection against your sorrow is to reach a point of knowing yourself better than she does., p. 70
  13. No product is consumed more every day around the world than false hopes., p. 13
  14. Happiness is not a zero-sum game. It's not like so many things we do in life, which sooner or later become games, at the end of which, since one competitor wins, the other must lose. In happiness, everybody wins., p. 16
  15. History may flirt with all those who wish to write it, but in the end it will go to bed with the truth. , p. 18
  16. Prayer is man's effort to touch again the part of his character he ended up hiding in God, because he was so afraid of it., p. 22
  17. Whatever words man no longer knows how to hide in his soul, he reveals in his tears., p. 25
  18. Regardless of which major opponent you come across in your life, no matter how smart, capable or strong, you should know that the biggest enemy you will ever encounter is your own sorrow., p. 27
  19. No one has finished writing the operating instructions for himself., p. 30
  20. Your misery might be all those changes for the better you never dared to make in your life., p. 37
  21. Loneliness is to prefer being alone with the questions of your own happiness rather than the questions of someone else's misery., p. 39
  22. Use "me" to succeed and "we" to enjoy your success. , p. 40
  23. Even the ugliest person has so much beauty in him he could not erase it all, no matter how hard he tried., p. 40
  24. My biggest insecurity always demanded to hold the map showing the way to my happiness. , p. 42
  25. Glorious are those moments when one decides to stand between his rage and the people he loves, so it won't spill out of his soul and start destroying others besides himself., p. 43
  26. There is much happiness in humility because brightness attracts all the wrong people. It's no surprise that in the wild, the first thing a light will attract in the middle of the night is mosquitoes!, p. 45
  27. Misery is when you let your logic tell you what to feel and failure is when you let your soul tell you what to think., p. 49
  28. The moment you forget how to count, you will experience a feeling of joy you never felt before. Go back to your past and remember that every time you started counting your money, your power, your capabilities, your knowledge or your wealth, without realizing it you began to compare yourself with others who had more than you. So you ended up constantly feeling inadequate and miserable., p. 53
  29. Help make the world around you so emotionally honest it becomes beautiful., p. 64
  30. No matter how smart you are, or how emotionally flexible, you can never escape your conscience., p. 65
  31. Hells always found a way in my life to be more real than paradises., p. 68
  32. Sorrow is born the moment you stop taking your joy seriously., p. 68
  33. If you want to find out who you are, give your life's measuring tape to your beliefs, so they can measure your soul from end to end and tell you your true dimensions., p. 68
  34. Don't let anyone produce your sorrow the way they want. When you have good reason to be miserable, the least you can do is to make it yourself. Do it so you'll know how to demolish it., p. 73
  35. Whenever you are talking about someone else, after a while you start talking about yourself., p. 78
  36. I always felt that I can only rent my joy, though I am always forced to buy my sorrow., p. 79
  37. Victory is not born with the last strike you inflict on your opponent, it is born in your first glance into the part of your soul that no longer believes in you. That's what you must overcome first, before you try to beat your opponent., p. 82
  38. The moments when man can bear to look his soul in the eyes, without being forced by shame to lower his gaze, give birth to entire revolutions., p. 82
  39. You are more in danger of your own meanness than the meanness of others., p. 94
  40. I always made my sorrow out of those parts of my joy I didn't know how to make them work., p. 100
  41. Use the apathy of your logic to solve your problems and then the passion of your soul to enjoy life after that., p. 103
  42. Let your smile define you., p. 44
  43. Man is the only living being on Earth that keeps searching for happiness even after having found it., p. 77
  44. Cheating is when you try to make your emotions fool others on your behalf. Misery is when your own emotions demand to have already fooled you before they try to fool anybody else., p. 110
  45. Man is a field seeded by his soul and reaped by his logic., p. 113
  46. The meaning of our life is the death of our sorrow., p. 26

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