• 1

    At the end of every day the truth of who we are
    brings us the bill to pay
    for every word we said and every action we did during it.
    When we pay it in full, we see dreams at night
    and when we don’t, we see...

  • 2

    Why be like lions living the life of cockroaches?
    We fail because the demands of greatness are huge
    and of failure, none.
    We are sad because the demands of happiness are great
    and of misery, none.

  • 3

    Thankfully, there will never be a shortage of people
    who want to build a world where a smile defeats a swearword,
    where the truth of a “yes”
    defeats the hypocrisy and dishonesty of a “maybe”,
    and where th...

  • 4

    I will live by doing my best to be as honest as my soul,
    because every time I stood to be as real as my truth,
    as emotionally solid as my soul
    and as pure as my beliefs,
    I realised what it meant to be so ...

  • 5

    Beauty is born to defeat the sadness that ugliness produces.

  • 6

    Life is the celebration of beauty,
    but even more so, the celebration of an ugliness
    that was never born because it was explained.
    Every time we manage to explain to ourselves
    what makes us feel ugly,

  • 7

    The more we love, the less we fear.
    When we’re not afraid to love,
    we fear nothing.

  • 8

    Liars have all it takes to be sad
    because, by fearing the truth,
    they end up fearing their own soul that produces it.

  • 9

    To protect ourselves from what we shouldn’t know,
    we live by learning a lot and forgetting even more.

  • 10

    We live surrendering our happiness to the unknown.
    To protect our delusions from the truth,
    and our ego from its next rendezvous with defeat,
    we continuously get better at producing the unknown
    by forgett...

  • 11

    We've made ignorance our favourite excuse for not living.

  • 12

    Nobody becomes happy accidentally.
    Happy are the people who don’t believe in their sadness.

  • 13

    We either create happiness out of truth,
    or sadness out of lies.

  • 14

    True people deserve the beauty of their soul
    and fake people - the ugliness of their sadness.

  • 15

    Our happiness is the cost of lying to ourselves
    and our loneliness - the cost of lying to others.

  • 16

    When we lie to ourselves,
    we invite other people to lie to us.

  • 17

    The huge, indecipherable cost of lying to ourselves
    is that we end up attracting
    those people we should keep away.

  • 18

    Every moment we live we either tell ourselves the truth
    and become as real as we need to be happy,
    or tell ourselves lies
    and become as fake as we need to be miserable.

  • 19

    Since happiness often has more truth in it that we can bear,
    we often choose, by not choosing, to be sad.

  • 20

    There is no lie that ultimately won’t cost more
    than the truth it was born to hide.

  • 21

    Life loves to remind us
    what we try the hardest to forget.

  • 22

    Life is a vast plain which, in seconds,
    can transform itself into an excruciatingly small cell.

  • 23

    The faster we run to escape the person we are,
    the harder we stumble on it.

  • 24

    Our sadness is the truth we never told ourselves.

  • 25

    We become as fake as we need to be to feel unhappy.

  • 26

    Life often likes to become an impossible choice
    between success and happiness
    which most often is won by the people
    who choose to defend their beliefs
    from the attacks of the next applause.

  • 27

    Silence is the hideout we use
    when we don’t know how else to avoid realising
    how much more truthful than us our words can be.

  • 28

    When we stop lying, we will become as strong as our truth.

  • 29

    We have more power than we know,
    as long as we can bear to live
    with the part of our truth it is made from.

  • 30

    We often lose after we win
    because truth creates power,
    and power creates victories
    that hate truth.

    Following a victory, winners are willing to believe the lies that people around them tell them more th...

  • 31

    Truth is the only thing in the world that humans will never defeat.

  • 32

    Since liars are afraid of the truth,
    they are afraid of their most truthful part, their soul
    as much as necessary to avoid feeling
    and become dispassionate enough
    to become miserable.

  • 33

    Our soul is our greatest source of strength,
    if only we stopped fearing her
    just because we’ve left her unknown.

  • 34

    Fake escapes lead to brand new prison cells
    and real ones to old freedoms.
    People who escape reality
    fall hard onto those weaknesses of theirs
    which imprisoned them in it.

  • 35

    The life of sad people
    is a permanent escape from the truth
    they don’t want to learn.

  • 36

    Wise are the people who realise the value of their every breath,
    even if they don’t realise anything else.

  • 37

    The hidden cost of greed is that,
    while waiting for the extraordinary,
    we miss the opportunity to enjoy the ordinary.

  • 38

    Every moment we refuse to live,
    we are rehearsing for our death.

  • 39

    We only deserve to enjoy those moments of our lives we respect.

  • 40

    We have one life to live,
    one life to enjoy,
    one life to create,
    and one life to fall in love with.

  • 41

    We belong to every breath of ours.
    We belong to every breath of ours
    more than they belongs to us.

  • 42

    Happiness is to live by constantly throwing in the garbage
    the person that the people around you want you to be
    and become who you really are.

  • 43

    We waste a large part of our lives
    trying to avoid discovering
    how incompetent we are at enjoying it.

  • 44

    The best way to relieve the pain of defeat
    is to become as good as we need to win.

  • 45

    Life doesn’t come with a manual.
    We have to write it ourselves, one mistake at a time.

  • 46

    It’s easier to go around the world than around our souls.

  • 47

    As long as we don’t learn our weaknesses,
    we will be the faithful employees of our sadness.

  • 48

    Knowledge is the defeat of the unknown
    and self-knowledge, the defeat of sadness.

  • 49

    The most beautiful calmness is born when fear gets explained.

  • 50

    People who hate the reality they live in,
    because it has more truth in it than they would like,
    tell lies to escape from it
    and often end up becoming as fake as they need
    to feel unsuccessful and sad.

  • 51

    Life has two choices and countless excuses.

  • 52

    Life hates draws as much as we love them.
    There are no draws in life,
    other than the ones our lies invent.

  • 53

    We feel happy when we deserve our happiness.

  • 54

    Sweat + security + truth = happiness.

  • 55

    Victory by explanation.
    Strength is the explanation of weakness.
    Happiness is the explanation of sadness.

  • 56

    We live at the mercy of everything we leave unexplained.

  • 57

    As long as we choose not to learn our weaknesses,
    we will never discover all we can accomplish with our strengths.

  • 58

    Every time we tell the truth to ourselves,
    we honor the person we have the ability to be
    and every time we lie to ourselves
    we spit in their face.

  • 59

    Winners and happy people discover their strengths
    before their weaknesses discover them.
    The rest are doomed
    to keep on hunting and getting hunted.

  • 60

    We need most what we most lack.

  • 61

    The banner of any great battle
    is woven from those questions
    we never dared to ask our cowardice.

  • 62

    The last rebel in the world needs to revolt first.

  • 63

    Happiness is the revolution against ugliness.

  • 64

    How useful are my strengths
    if I don't use them to defeat my weaknesses?

  • 65

    As long as I live not facing my weaknesses
    but playing hide and seek with them,
    I will be too afraid to feel proud of who I am,
    too careful to feel free,
    and too cowardly to be happy.

  • 66

    Every moment I choose to defend my happiness
    from the attacks of my weaknesses
    and those of the people around me,
    I feel so proud of who I am
    that I feel I’m touching the meaning of my life.

  • 67

    Our worst enemies are the ones we manufacture ourselves.

  • 68

    Fight the problem you face, not yourself.

  • 69

    Weak are those who avoid realizing their weaknesses.

  • 70

    A battle can be won in thousands of different ways,
    but lost only by a handful,
    each one made or magnified by our weaknesses.

  • 71

    The most eternal defeat of humanity
    is that after thousands of years,
    we have managed to defeat everyone and everything,
    except for our weaknesses.

  • 72

    For thousands of years, by lying to ourselves,
    we’ve hidden our weaknesses,
    and became so complex that we've ended up unhappy.
    Perhaps if we do the opposite, if we tell the truth to ourselves
    and try to le...

  • 73

    The most important battle of our lives
    is not to surrender the world we live in
    to the sadness our weaknesses produce
    and not to let the world’s weaknesses become our sadness.

  • 74

    The invisible battle that shapes the world more than any other,
    at any moment, is the battle against our weaknesses.
    Since it is easier to lose a battle than to win it,
    we end up losing the battle with our wea...

  • 75

    Happiness is a soul’s laughter.
    The most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of a person’s laughter
    who, having managed to disarm those weaknesses of theirs
    that produce their ugliness,
    found a way ...

  • 76

    The hidden cost of education
    is that, by deifying logic for all the victories it can give us,
    we often become too logical to be happy.

  • 77

    Let’s live dancing with the bluest part of the sky
    instead of crying on the shoulders of the deepest spot of the abyss.

  • 78

    Let’s live by translating our soul’s beauty into happiness
    and not turning her ugliness
    into the pain and misery of the people around us.

  • 79

    If I want to be happy,
    I will have to allow myself
    to become more vulnerable than safe.

  • 80

    People who are afraid
    haven’t been anywhere,
    no matter how many places they’ve visited.

  • 81

    Let’s respect our happiness enough
    to stop donating it to our problems.
    People who live by throwing smiles into the darkness betray their optimism
    enough to lose access to their own light.

  • 82

    To rebel against our weaknesses
    is the most important decision of our life.

  • 83

    We will enjoy our life
    when we realize the uniqueness of its every moment.

  • 84

    We choose not to realize the uniqueness of every moment of our lives so as not to feel bad about failure to live it.

  • 85

    We are a society that,
    by producing a lot more lies than it can consume
    lives closer to the next teardrop than the next smile.

  • 86

    Afraid are the people who can’t love.
    As long as I love someone, I fear nobody.
    I will live by fearing nothing,
    not because I’m brave,
    but because, by letting my soul free to love everything, I won’t feel th...

  • 87

    Happiness will go where truth already is.

  • 88

    Seeing the ugliness, whatever form it takes - malice, misery, aggression, negativity - constantly defeating the happiness of the people around me and seeing how much useless misery is born in the world and how much usefu...

  • 89

    Black clouds have an equal right to the sky as its blue does.

  • 90

    Fall asleep every night having fought everything that wants to make you mean as hard as you can,
    while hugging as tightly as you can
    everything that wants to make you
    as compassionate as you need to be happy.

  • 91

    Be moderate to survive and extreme to enjoy.

  • 92

    Life is not a rehearsal, it’s the one and only show.

  • 93

    Every four seconds our body produces, out of our lungs, the greatest little gift one can give us:
    the most incredible yet common miracle in the world, our whole life wrapped in a breath!

  • 94

    Since happiness is our most valuable acquired good, then the factor that deprives us of it - our weaknesses - is the one adversary in the world that we must defeat before we can even begin to fight anyone else.

  • 95

    Life often likes to become an impossible choice
    between success and happiness.
    Life often likes to become an impossible choice
    between any victory and the greatest victory of all - happiness.

  • 96

    Castles fall from within.
    No one can defeat us
    if we are not weak enough to lose.
    No one can make us sad
    if we are not weak enough to feel miserable.

  • 97

    If success and happiness were free,
    then all the people in the world
    would be extremely successful and deliriously happy and failure and sadness
    would have long disappeared
    from the face of the earth.

  • 98

    Start your souls!
    Start your souls and throw away the key so you will never turn them off again.

  • 99

    If success and happiness were free,
    then all the people in the world
    would be extremely successful and deliriously happy while failure and sadness
    would have long disappeared
    from the face of the earth.

  • 100

    Let us live producing beauty
    or celebrating the beauty others have produced.

  • 101

    Every moment we enjoy life,
    we defeat the ugliness our weaknesses produce, without even having to fight them.

  • 102

    When logic hits the brakes,
    pleasure accelerates.

  • 103

    The most beautiful moments of our life are those when we feel so content
    and proud of the truth of who we are, that we no longer feel the slightest need to lie to ourselves.

  • 104

    Life is the art of managing the negative. Happiness is the proper management of misery. Victory is the proper management of defeat. Beauty is the proper management of ugliness. Strength is the proper management of weakne...

  • 105

    The only way to make sure our life is filled to the brim is to overflow it.

  • 106

    It’s often more profitable to become someone else, if you don’t mind the misery
    that comes from deserting who you are.

  • 107

    Celebrate happiness and explain sadness.
    To enjoy life, let’s celebrate beauty
    by showering the people around us with our happiness and disarm ugliness
    by explaining our sadness to ourselves,
    until we’re not ...

  • 108

    We will defeat sadness,
    one explanation at a time.
    Every moment we manage to explain to ourselves the real reason why we are sad,
    we disarm another part of our sadness.

  • 109

    We’ll enjoy life when we celebrate as much as we can everything that wants to make it beautiful
    and disable as quickly as we can
    everything that wants to make it ugly.

  • 110

    We are only worthy of our dreams
    we give birth to as reality.

  • 111

    We live at the mercy of everything we leave unexplained.

  • 112

    Not only we will we not find our happiness
    in the misery we cause to those closest to us, but in it we will discover
    an even larger part of our own sadness. Often, it is a part of our own sadness
    which we never ...

  • 113

    Victory by explanation.
    Strength is the explanation of weakness. Happiness is the explanation of sadness.

  • 114

    The sky’s blue is made out of every cloud
    we refused to throw in it.

  • 115

    As long as we are not proud of ourselves enough to like who we are,
    we become our own Trojan horse
    that will open the gate for our opponents to invade us and shame us.

  • 116

    Either we say the truth
    or we lie and get hunted
    by the truth we refuse to say.

  • 117

    We lie to convince ourselves
    that we are already the person
    we will never succeed in becoming.

  • 118

    Being prisoners of our lies,
    we became the prison guards of our truth.

  • 119

    Truth is the ultimate beauty,
    no matter how ugly it seems to be.

  • 120

    Since truth loves black or white, happiness hates any version of gray which our lies invent.

  • 121

    With every truth we say to ourselves we defeat our sadness,
    and with every lie
    we help our sadness defeat us.

  • 122

    Truth is the most exquisite beauty.
    Truth is the most exquisite l beauty because it is born to defeat the ugliness in which
    our lies have drowned the world.

  • 123

    Genuine people use their truth to become happier, while fake ones are used by their lies
    to make themselves so artificial,
    they can’t be anything but miserable.

  • 124

    How can there not be so much sadness in the world when we trust our lies
    more than we trust our truth?

  • 125

    People who refuse to defend the truth of who they are,
    become as fake as needed to deserve their misery.

  • 126

    We stumble onto what we avoid.
    The more vague we try to be,
    the more life likes to force us
    to decide, define and explain who we are.

  • 127

    If we don’t know who we are,
    we will find it under the lies
    we’ve told ourselves to hide it.
    That's why the lies we tell ourselves
    know better than anyone the truth about who we are.

  • 128

    Let us stop making excuses
    that we can’t find out who we are.
    We will find out who we are,
    when we begin telling ourselves the truth so we can uncover all the lies
    we’ve been telling ourselves for years, unde...

  • 129

    After years of lying to ourselves,
    we have become so fake and artificial that we've ended up knowing ourselves as little as needed to feel miserable.

  • 130

    Extreme self–confidence breeds
    either gigantic triumphs or shocking disasters, but nothing in between.

  • 131

    In our quest to look charming,
    we often become as fake as it takes to feel ugly.

  • 132

    We love doing the same thing
    because everything we do for the first time has the answer to every question
    we don’t dare ask ourselves.

  • 133

    We love routine because we hate those surprises that insist on teaching us the truth
    of how incompetent we are to deal with change.

  • 134

    No matter how much we praise strength,
    we avoid becoming strong to avoid doing anything that might push us toward our weaknesses.

  • 135

    Let us stop being afraid
    to celebrate our joy
    just to avoid waking up
    the misery of the people around us.

  • 136

    How can we be happy when we have turned our truth, the most loyal ally we have
    in the battle against our misery,
    into our greatest enemy?

  • 137

    We become the opposite of what we glorify.

  • 138

    We are the victims of our comfort.
    As long as we choose to do
    what is easy rather than what is right, we become victims of our comfort
    by making our life temporarily easy and eternally difficult.

  • 139

    Ease is the enemy of greatness. Ease is the enemy of happiness.

  • 140

    We choose to do what is easy
    to avoid facing our weaknesses,
    which doing what is right
    will almost always force us to confront.

  • 141

    People who choose the ease of lies over the discomfort of truth,
    make their life as fake as it needs to become difficult.

  • 142

    Happiness is born to break the barriers
    invented by sadness.

  • 143

    Miserable people hate happy ones
    even more than they hate their own misery.

  • 144

    Let's discover the blue of the sky
    before its gray discovers us.
    Let's learn our the truth about ourselves before our lies make us forget who we are. Let's conquer the peak
    before the abyss conquers us.

  • 145

    As long as we refuse to discover
    the real reason we are sad,
    we will be the defenders of our sadness.

  • 146

    Happy are the people who have reached a point in their lives
    where they don’t feel the slightest need to lie to themselves.

  • 147

    The heaviest burden in the world to carry
    are the five triumphs of our weaknesses:
    the lies, mistakes, defeats, the shame of who we are, and the misery we allow them to produce on our behalf.

  • 148

    If happiness had rules, it would be miserable.

  • 149

    Happiness is the only fortune that is so valuable,
    it cannot be measured.

  • 150

    The most beautiful happiness
    is one born to break the limits imposed on it by the sadness of the people around.

  • 151

    Our addiction to lies
    makes us dumber than our sadness.

  • 152

    Smiles are born to help the tears
    find reasons to be happy.

  • 153

    Let us be more careful with every word we say
    and every action we do,
    since we will end up living in the ugliness or the beauty we allow them to create on our behalf.

  • 154

    We will feel the emotions
    we create in the people around us.
    Have you ever seen happy people
    inflict pain on the people next to them?
    Have you ever seen sad people dishing out joy to try to make the people ar...

  • 155

    We will feel what we make others feel.
    The misery we inflict on the world around us will become our next tears,
    and the happiness we shower it with
    will become our next smiles.

  • 156

    Our body creates our age,
    and we create the age we feel we are.
    Happiness subtracts and misery adds days to our age. A happy person feels like a five–year–old kid
    while a miserable one feels as old as the pyrami...

  • 157

    Life is a game of chance
    which we will never learn how to play
    as long as we allow our weaknesses
    to change the rules every time we become good at it.

  • 158

    We become what we feel.
    People who enjoy their life remain young, no matter how old they may be.

  • 159

    Aging makes access to sadness easier because the older we get the better we become at using darkness to hide
    than using light to discover.

  • 160

    We don’t age, we just keep getting older. As long as we write more than we erase, learn more than we forget,
    liberate more than we enslave,
    build more than we tear down,
    donate more than we keep for ourselves, h...

  • 161

    We age by betraying our soul.

  • 162

    When we learn our weaknesses
    well enough to disarm them,
    we will stop living our life by donating to them the most precious asset we own, our time.

  • 163

    Today creates a tomorrow to live
    and a tomorrow to waste.

  • 164

    Happiness is the best antidote to aging.

  • 165

    Instead of living ahead of our truth,
    we live behind our excuses.
    Instead of living ahead of our truth
    to protect it from attacks by the reality we live in, we live behind our excuses
    to shield ourselves from...

  • 166

    We either tell the truth
    or we tell the excuses
    which our lies have made for us.

  • 167

    The greatest source of misery in the world are the people who,
    unable to get to know their weaknesses as well as needed to disarm them,
    keep flooding the world with the ugliness born from the defeats they constantl...

  • 168

    Death is the first time in someone’s life
    when the infinite finds a way to become zero.

  • 169

    There are no draws in life,
    except the ones our lies invent.

  • 170

    The world is full of so much failure and misery because the first thing we do
    when we lose a battle against our weaknesses
    is to translate this defeat into malice, anger and pain before tossing it to the people aro...

  • 171

    There is much malice in the world because it is so much easier to lose the next battle with our weaknesses and become mean
    than to win it and become kind.

  • 172

    Leave miserable people to their misery. Leave the mean to their meanness.
    There is no need to respond to the negativity that mean people throw at us
    because we can’t do anything to mean people which they haven’t al...

  • 173

    The value of kindness is proven
    by how miserable mean people are.

  • 174

    We either become kind enough to be happy
    or mean enough to be sad.

  • 175

    The splendor of a person
    is proven by their capability to produce beauty, even when they don’t feel beautiful.

  • 176

    It is easy to be kind, generous and human
    when we are happy
    and extremely hard when we are sad.
    In the middle of a celebration everyone loves everyone but at the end of it they are often left alone,
    trying to...

  • 177

    Kindness is the most underrated beauty in the world.

  • 178

    There are people who produce happiness
    and share it with the world around them,
    some keep it imprisoned inside them
    because they are afraid of the truth it is made of, and yet others who steal it
    from their f...

  • 179

    We create beauty every moment
    we defend our uniqueness
    by defeating that part of our character
    which wants to make us more normal than happy.

  • 180

    We’ll become happy
    when we stop becoming
    the conquerors of other peoples’ beauty instead of conquerors of our own ugliness.

  • 181

    We adore learning without realizing because it makes us feel clever enough not to offend our stupidity
    and truthful enough not to offend our lies.

  • 182

    People who live immersed in the mistakes they haven’t made yet,
    will make them.

  • 183

    Our future is as optimistic as we are.

  • 184

    We live balancing between
    our cowardice and our dreams,
    fighting to become the person we always wanted to be, before the person we have become
    drown us in their fears.

  • 185

    Contrary to us, our future never promises, but always delivers.
    Our future will give us what we gave it.

  • 186

    People who aren’t afraid of the future
    are those who are not afraid of their selves, because they know the truth of who they are.

  • 187

    People who live by both glorifying and mourning
    the person they will never become,
    throw away in the garbage the person they already are.

  • 188

    How much moderation
    the ten happiest moments of our life had? Not much. That is why we remember them.

  • 189

    Life is a race between too much and too little, which moderation frequently wins,
    but rarely enjoys.

  • 190

    The curse of reckless people
    is that they rarely win
    and the curse of cautious people
    is that they even more rarely
    allow themselves to enjoy their victories.

  • 191

    If you’re going to fall moderately in love,
    don’t fall in love at all.
    If you’re going to believe moderately in your beliefs, don’t believe at all.
    If you’re going to feel in moderation,
    don’t feel at all.

  • 192

    Never become so small just so you feel large enough.

  • 193

    The dark privilege of age is that, the older we get, the better we become at making mistakes
    while convincing ourselves
    that we’re making the right decision.

  • 194

    We weave dreams out of infinity
    and fears out of zero.

  • 195

    I will live a life without hating,
    not because I am kindhearted,
    but because I won’t feel the need
    to bring down anyone to feel superior,
    I won’t feel the need to take away what they own to feel I have enough...

  • 196

    The worst torturer in the world is our best self.

  • 197

    Ugly is a beauty that doesn’t make
    the world around it happier.

  • 198

    To win the battle against the ugliness around us,
    we must first believe in our own beauty.

  • 199

    We are high–wire walkers
    who, while trying to balance
    between our two beauties –
    what we show we are and what we actually are – do all we can to avoid falling
    into our only ugliness.

  • 200

    Genuine people use their truth to become happier, while fake ones are used by their lies
    to make themselves so complicated and artificial they can’t be anything but miserable.

  • 201

    If we hate ugliness so much,
    why do we use it so often?

  • 202

    There is one road that malice knows better than anyone: the road to misery.

  • 203

    There is no beauty
    that doesn’t reveal the ugliness around it.

  • 204

    Perhaps the mistake we make
    which has the largest impact on the quality of our life is that, whenever we are unable to touch our beauty, we surrender to our ugliness.

  • 205

    We are the favorite prey of our weaknesses,
    even if we have convinced ourselves
    that they only attack to hurt the people around us.

  • 206

    Don’t let the ugliness of a person close to you become your ugliness,
    nor let their defeats become your pain.

  • 207

    Our greatest beauty
    is the part of our ugliness
    we don’t allow to become
    the sadness of the people around us.

  • 208

    Beauty punishes those people who force it
    to make them charming rather than happy.

  • 209

    The beauty we create for the world around us will often introduce us for the first time
    to the part of our own character
    we’ve never considered beautiful.

  • 210

    There is so much more beauty around us than we see because our own ugliness
    does everything to prevent us from touching it
    so we don’t feel comparatively even uglier than we are.

  • 211

    If you want to feel pretty,
    become happy.

  • 212

    Let your optimism discover your courage before your pessimism discovers
    \the part of your cowardice
    you claim that isn’t yours.

  • 213

    Let us stop redecorating ugliness
    and start beautifying it.

  • 214

    Life will allow us to discover its beauty when we stop demanding
    that it becomes even more beautiful.

  • 215

    Our own ugliness is often the reason
    we can’t enjoy the beauty around us.

  • 216

    The pain that the revelation of a truth causes
    is analogous to the lies we’ve used to hide it.

  • 217

    How can there not be so much misery in the world when we so often become prisoners of our ugliness instead of the liberators of our beauty?

  • 218

    We adore mediocrity more than we hate it because it’s very easy to be mediocre, much more difficult to be good
    and unbearably hard to be perfect.

  • 219

    Beauty is the liberation from ugliness.

  • 220

    A soul’s beauty is the world’s most frequent prisoner.

  • 221

    We are our worst sycophants.
    Let us stop imprisoning our happiness in our cowardice to defend
    what makes us feel proud of who we are.

  • 222

    A smile is born every time
    we discover a reason to be happy before a reason to be sad discovers us.

  • 223

    Only genuine people,
    people who have told themselves the truth and don’t pretend they are someone else, fit inside the person they really are.
    The rest constantly fight and fail,
    ending up living in exile from t...

  • 224

    I will become the truth of who I really am, and not the lies that are convenient for me, or for others, to be.

  • 225

    We rarely betray that which hurts us all the time:
    our weaknesses,
    but we so often betray that which will never abandon us: our beliefs.

  • 226

    Often the most rewarding moments of our life are those when we choose not to become our most profitable self,
    but the most emotionally honest one.

  • 227

    We either believe in our beliefs
    or in the lies we hide them with.

  • 228

    Often the longest trip in the world
    is to stay where we are.
    Often, the greatest distance in the world is to go nowhere.

  • 229

    Life is a vast plain which, in seconds,
    can transform itself into an excruciatingly small cell.

  • 230

    The people who succeed and are happy
    are those who, by stopping lying to themselves, become as real as the reality live in.

  • 231

    As long as we loathe reality
    because it has more truth in it than we would like, we become as fake as needed
    to feel unsuccessful and sad.

  • 232

    We lie to invent a reality
    that is as real as it must be to not bother us and as fake as it needs to be to comfort us.

  • 233

    The best way to stop feeling failed and miserable is to become good enough
    to win and be happy.

  • 234

    We don’t like to take risks because we know that danger, forcing us to prove how much more we believe
    in our beliefs than in our lies,
    reveals the truth of how afraid
    of our weaknesses we are.

  • 235

    Miserable are the people who avoid enjoying the happiness of the world around them
    to prevent it from showing and proving to them how comparatively sad they are.

  • 236

    Every time we compare ourselves with others,
    we compare ourselves against our best self.

  • 237

    Fake people feel less because they fear the truth their emotions carry in them.

  • 238

    If you don’t know who to become, be the truth you feel
    and not the lies you think of.

  • 239

    The beauty each of us produces
    belongs more to the world than to us.

  • 240

    People who let others define for them
    what is right and what is wrong just survive, while people who allow their own beliefs
    to define right and wrong
    feel so proud of themselves
    that they can’t be anything b...

  • 241

    As long as we choose to do what is easy instead of what is right,
    we will continue to fail and be miserable.

  • 242

    If the right choice were the easiest,
    then the world would overflow
    with happiness and success
    and no one would have to try to become better because we would all be already perfect.

  • 243

    Nobody works harder than our laziness to convince us not to try.

  • 244

    We made our laziness our preferred way
    to avoid discovering the truth of who we are.

  • 245

    Lazy is one who suffers more
    from trying than from losing.

  • 246

    Our cowardice makes a zero for us to hide in
    and our courage an infinity to enjoy.

  • 247

    Self–knowledge creates infinity
    out of the solutions to our problems and the lack of it creates
    a zero out of cheap excuses.

  • 248

    We often like to become
    the obligatory children of paradox
    and the voluntary parents of the self–evident.

  • 249

    We sacrifice the eternal at the altar of the temporary. As long as we sacrifice the eternal
    at the altar of the temporary,
    we will keep filling our life
    with temporary joy and eternal sadness.

  • 250

    The right choice is usually the opposite of the easy one, because, if the easy choice led to success and happiness, then most people on earth
    would be extremely successful and deliriously happy, while failure and sadn...

  • 251

    We will become victims of our stupidity
    before we become victims of our bad luck.

  • 252

    We’ve become a society
    of involuntary spectators of truth,
    who choose to rarely realize what they learn.

  • 253

    Any escape route from reality
    is a one way street leading
    to those weaknesses of ours that created it.

  • 254

    Nothing beats sadness easier
    than a smile we believe so much in
    that we allow it to show us in which part of our sorrow we have hidden every reason we have to be happy.

  • 255

    Time is the form of energy which,
    because we understand it less than any other, we end up wasting most of all.

  • 256

    The greatest miracles happen
    when our mind and our soul
    stop fighting each other and become one.

  • 257

    Each one of us can become
    a wonderful factory that generates time,
    as long as we overcome those weaknesses of ours that constantly try to stop us, disappoint us,
    make us throw in the towel and force us to quit

    Each one of us can become
    a wonderful factory that generates time,
    as long as we overcome those weaknesses of ours that constantly try to stop us, disappoint us,
    make us throw in the towel and force us to quit
    before we make our world too beautiful for them to bear.

    We don’t just consume energy; we have amazing capabilities of creating energy, positive and negative, for ourselves and those around us. We can generate stupendous amounts of energy. Each of us is a factory capable of producing huge quantities of ugliness and beauty. Each of us is a private factory of time and energy. Each one of us is able to do that, as long as we find a way to disarm those weaknesses of ours that spawn fear, cowardice and pessimism, trying to prevent us from reaching our full potential. The highest peak we can conquer in life is to get to know our weaknesses well enough to disarm them before they prevent us from becoming the person our good qualities make us.

  • 258

    Good energy creates infinity
    and bad energy creates countless zeros.

  • 259

    We create time every moment of our life
    we respect enough not to waste.

  • 260

    We will live and enjoy
    only the part of our life we dare to discover.

  • 261

    We waste time by doing as few things as we can to protect ourselves from doing something
    that may uncover the truth
    of whether we are good enough
    to win and be happy
    or bad enough to lose and become sad.

  • 262

    Every hour has as many minutes
    as our love for life wants it to have.

  • 263

    Time is our ally, not our enemy. The more we antagonize time, the more we get defeated by it.

  • 264

    Our fake self wastes our life
    and our true self lives it.

  • 265

    We are obsessed about making our life longer while we do our utmost to make it shorter,
    by wasting such a large part of it.

  • 266

    We create the time we don’t waste.
    Time not wasted is time created.

  • 267

    Beauty is born to defeat
    the sadness that ugliness produces.

  • 268

    Life is the celebration of beauty,
    but even more so, the celebration of an ugliness that was never born because it was explained. Every time we manage to explain to ourselves what makes us feel ugly,
    a celebration ...

  • 269

    Although we will never give the wheel
    of the car we are driving to another person,
    we too often end up giving up the wheel of our soul to people who all they want is to drive us to misery.

  • 270

    When we create a life we can fall in love with, the sadness anything negative creates
    will be cut in half
    and the happiness that anything positive creates will be doubled.

  • 271

    Love makes life easy, indifference makes it difficult, and hatred unbearable.

  • 272

    Happy are those who have created a life
    they love so much
    that they make it seem easy, even if it is not. Miserable are those who hate their lives so much that everything seems difficult, even if it is not.

  • 273

    Life is a gigantic parade of beauty
    that is often interrupted
    by many brief demonstrations of ugliness.

  • 274

    Optimism will win the battle that pessimism has lost before it even begins.

  • 275

    Let's stop living
    as fugitives of the truth of who we are, by embracing any part of it
    that make us better and happier
    and changing any part of it
    that make us worse and more miserable.

  • 276

    We wear high heels on our self-worth before we parade it to the people around us, so we can seduce them enough
    to dissuade them from trying
    to discover our real value.

  • 277

    Many of us pretend to be gods
    without even knowing how to be human.

  • 278

    “Why” is the most annoying word in the world
    because it can become the most useful.

  • 279

    We glorify whatever we don’t want to become.

  • 280

    Our life loves the duality we hate
    because it hates the security we adore.

  • 281

    Let's create a life that has countless opponents
    and not one enemy.

  • 282

    Let's live by sharing the beauty of our soul with the people around us
    and explaining its ugliness
    until it no longer makes us feel so sad
    that we feel the need to attack them
    and make them suffer as much as ...

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